May President's Message

08 May 2020 2:08 PM | Carol A. Bouldin (Administrator)

Thank you Sherry for writing the President’s message last month, you did a great job explaining these changing times, offering tools for our new virtual presentations, and explaining small business options for those clinicians in private practice.  I will quote last month’s message as these descriptions remain relevant.  

Due to the situation with the Corona virus, we completed our election electronically this last month.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to vote. The election results were overwhelmingly clear: let’s keep the board that we have been working with this last year. 

Election results were as follows:

President:  Carol Adkisson; President-Elect:  Carol A. Bouldin; Past President:  Amanda Cavicchi; Secretary:  Sherry Shockey-Pope; Financial Officer:  Steve Gray; Program Chair:  Lynn Flewelling; Membership Chair:  Ilse Aerts; Member-at-Large:  Garry Raley; Member-at-Large:  Annette Compton; Member-at-Large:  Ava Denise Phillips

As a board, our plan is to continue to offer you relevant and unique trainings to augment your education.  Let me reiterate the benefits that you receive as a member of IE-CAMFT:

1. 2- Unit Education Seminars – 10 per year; 2. Reduced fee for our annual Law and Ethics seminar; 3. Free classified ads on our website and also in our monthly ad bulletin; Networking opportunities with fellow clinicians; 5.         Public online Therapist Directory; 6. Members only area on our website that includes expanded information on seminars

As we continue in these unique times, depending on the county in which you live, you may have different mandates than just a few streets over.  I have connected with enough therapists to know many of you have had a crash course in telehealth and most are up and running seeing many clients via computer and telephone.  I know some therapists that have chosen to work with practices as a hybrid, one day a week in the office using social distancing rules and the rest of the week from home.  I also have heard some therapists that due to the disruptions at home continue to go to their offices to meet virtually with their clients.  However you have decided to manage this, please stay safe and follow the guidelines for your local community.   There is a lot of talk about returning to our normal work day, please be thoughtful and careful as changes are on a daily basis and safety remains paramount for all of us.  

As Sherry noted, the government has been in the process of helping those small businesses in need using the Paycheck Protection Program and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program.  Yes they ran out of money fairly fast, and immediately started working on the second level of funding for businesses that weren’t able to make it into the first round.  I just read that when that money is also used up, the government has plans to request additional funds.  Please keep in mind that there is help for you as a small business through the CARES act.  Please visit for further information.  

Thank you Jill Johnson-Young for your amazing training last month on Grief in the midst of Covid-19.  Jill’s training was so useful, and it showed that virtual trainings are amazing, screen sharing is virtually effortless.  For those of you that joined in our chat, thank you, you showed that networking is still possible online.   

We are now getting ready for our next virtual training with Holli Kenley on the subject matter of Breaking through Betrayal with Covid 19, featured in this edition of the newsletter.  If you have an opportunity to see my Interview with Holli Kenley in which she offers a preview of her upcoming training.  

As our virtual trainings were explained by Sherry last month:“This process is easy, and you can take part from the comfort of your home or office and even in your PJs if you like. Please do sign in early, and you must be present until the end. CEU time requirements are in place.  Also, you need to complete the seminar evaluation form in order to get your certificate.  The certificates are emailed in batches, so the earlier you complete yours, the sooner you will receive it, as most people submit theirs right after the seminar.

Here are a few suggestions to make your experience optimal.   

1.     Download and install the Zoom application ahead of time.

2.    Log in at least 15-20 minutes early and sign in. That way, you have time if a problem arises.

3.    Have only one browser window open during the conference call. We don’t need to see your email, and you will have a better connection.

4.    Make sure you are in a quiet place, and if you can’t be, or your dog starts barking of your child starts to cry, please mute yourself. In fact, everyone will be able to hear better if everyone but the presenter mutes themselves.

5.  Wear earbuds or headphones as that helps with unwanted feedback and makes everyone’s experience better.

6.  If the quality of the video becomes a challenge, you can stop the video and continue with audio-only. “

All of us as clinicians need to first take care of ourselves, in order to be present and mindful for our clients.  This may include putting your needs and the needs of your family ahead of your clients.  This is not about being selfish, this is actually a selfless act so that you have more to offer during each session.  Please take this seriously.  Many of our trainings are teaching us skills toward this end.  

Thank you, and please stay safe.  

Carol Rose Adkisson, IE-CAMFT President

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