May 2015 President's Message

06 May 2015 5:02 PM | Carol A. Bouldin (Administrator)

Hello.  As your new chapter co-president, I'd like to first of all thank our Past President, Janine Murray, LMFT, for her years at IE- CAMFT, and for fighting for our Chapter and State CAMFT to utilize their efforts on behalf of LMFT's. I know she went 'over and above' to have our CAMFT really represent LMFT's and MFT-I's.  I fully respect that many interns and licensed MFT's have chosen other degrees and licenses that allow them to have the flexibility of portability to practice in other states.  And, I really also want CAMFT, to be the "California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists" as their Initials indicate - perhaps even one day to see our licenses  have portability, as well.

I also have a vision for IE-CAMFT as a stellar chapter to offer the best in speakers, information, and clinical practitioners to share their experience with all of us, including students and interns. It's because of what I've taken advantage of here in this chapter that I'm willing to work and drive about one hour each month to attend our meetings. This vision also includes supporting interns to have wages in their internships that allow them to live. While many of us were of the "tradition" to work for BBS hours without pay, or stipend pay only, we usually have had to have two other part-time jobs to pay our way through the 3000 hours. That doesn't mean the "tradition" has to live on.  A graduate degree is worthy of a wage.    

Another vision would be that we are willing to take on a student/intern who needs therapy, not just for hours, but to gain insight into their own process in being an intern/student. I'm suggesting each licensed therapist be willing to offer one pro-bono time or a very low sliding scale time, and be willing to advertise that to a school.  If we value what we do and how we do it, we should value that student and intern the privilege of "working their own stuff out in the room" that's affordable to them.

I am passionate about many things.  This occupation/ministry I've chosen is clearly what I love to do in the world. I look forward to Sherry and I sharing this responsibility to further our chapter, start a 3000 club, widen our catchment area to offer programs to more of our colleagues.

Best to you all in every way you work,

Judy McGehee, LMFT

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