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Inland Empire Chapter of CAMFT

Chapter Newsletter
JUNE 2021

Featured Event

Ferrari Brain with Bicycle Brakes: How ADHD Shows Up in Young Adults & Teens, and When to Get Tested
Presented by Dr. Monica Blied, PhD

June 25, 2021, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

This is a Zoom Event

This presentation reviews the signs and symptoms of attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder among teens and young adults, and guides therapists on how to aid with early identification and intervention. Using a strengths-based approach, Dr. Blied explains how symptoms of ADHD can be masked in high functioning or twice exceptional individuals, and how you - as the therapist - can support clients in seeking evaluation and effective interventions. You will also learn about the ADHD evaluation process, important considerations for differential diagnosis, and how you can know when it’s time to refer for out testing. Furthermore, Dr. Blied will share tips and strategies your clients can utilize for self-management of impairing symptoms, along with how you can help reinforce these adaptive changes.

President's Message

I wish us all luck in expanding our consciousness to include the socio-political context of others and I see each IE-CAMFT, its membership, and the offered trainings as the means to this end.

The increase in vaccination rates in the past few weeks have brought hope for an end to, if not the Coronavirus itself, at least the restrictions that were imposed for dealing with the pandemic. This is important because the external stresses brought on by the pandemic have in some cases overwhelmed our capacity to maintain emotional balance. A "safe port in the storm" has always been important and during this difficult time even more so; we, as therapists, can be for our clients that precious harbor.

I was reading an article by Sharon Ramsey about Third-order Change. She defines such change as knowledge about cultures, power dynamics, and societal structures that influence the experience of others. It makes possible the integration of systems that govern the relationship between society, families, and individuals.

My awareness of the inequities that people may experience is an important part of being present to another person — to be a therapist who truly cares when seeing a client or clients. When clients understand and sense this connection, we, as therapists, may change their vista from one looking out to a roiling, lonely sea and instead toward a safe harbor.

This is not to say that this kind of therapist-client consciousness and knowledge is an easy goal, it is not. However, it is attainable at least in part. The biggest barrier to Third-order Change, is not knowing what we don’t know.

I’m so thankful for the monthly trainings available though IE-CAMFT, not to mention my many interactions with members. These trainings, and interactions help me, and all of us, learn new ways of looking at things we know, but most importantly help us to learn things we did not know existed.  To help me learn what I didn’t know ...
I’m so glad to be a part of a bigger picture. It keeps me hopeful.

This month's virtual training is: 
Ferrari Brain with Bicycle Brakes: How ADHD Shows Up in Young Adults & Teens, and When to Get Tested by Dr. Monica Blied, PhD. Intro presentation video:

Paul Velen, MS, LMFT
IE-CAMFT President-Elect

Welcome New and Returning Members!

Angela Paniagua, Jacquelyn McDonald, Emily Mitchell, Catherine Caporale, Sheri Coulson, and Erin Snow

Thank you for renewing!

Deepali Sansi, Jessica Sanchez, Norma Jasso, Rebecca Williams, Ann Alsaadi, Devon Pytel, Tino Rodriguez, Erminilla Saucedo, Claudia Garcia, Lauri Mendes, Catherine Parra Haynes, Carol Bouldin, Susan Lehrman, Danelle Spikes, Kelly Cornish, and Madelyn Kunysz

Renewal Reminders

 Mary Stanley, Layla Subhani, Catherine Alix, Salama Lama, Irma Obregon, Mu-Lan Chau, Luciana Puyo, LaQuasha Henderson, Stanley D. Brown, Erika Soto, Jack Gershfeld, and Tosha Owens

At Our Last Meeting

Acceptance and Committment Therapy: An Evidence Based Practice Which Tends to the Soul
Presented by Annabelle Parr, MA, MFT

May 28, 2021, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Upcoming Virtual Events

Ferrari Brain with Bicycle Brakes: How ADHD Shows Up in Young Adults & Teens, and When to Get Tested
Presented by Dr. Monica Blied, PhD

June 25, 2021, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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