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  December 2016

  The Professional Exchange - IE-CAMFT Newsletter

December 10, 2016 Featured Event:  Holiday Party!



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This issue:

  December Holiday Party


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  Welcome New Members!

  President's Message

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What is Life Coaching anyway?

Mark Venckeleer, LCSW


 In a world where there are many helping professions, it can be difficult for practitioners and consumers alike to differentiate among the various forms available. Life coaching is one of those helping professions, and although its industry is rapidly expanding, it continues to be one of the most misunderstood. In this presentation participants learned the distinctive aspects of life coaching and what separates it from other helping professions


 1. Participants would develop a clear understanding of what life coaching is and be able to differentiate it from other helping modalities

2. Through a series of activities, participants would experience a sample of a coaching

3. Participants would be able to incorporate basic coaching skills into their lives


A. What is a life coach?

  • What training is needed?
  • International Coaching Federation
  • Pillars of coaching
  • Is coaching scientific?
  • Past present or future

B. Comparing Life Coaching and Therapy/counseling

  • How is coaching similar to other helping professions?
  • Stigma of therapy
  • Where do personal growth seekers go?
  • What does coaching look like?
  • Medical model and insurance companies
  • Treatment of symptom relief/pathology
  • Can you be a therapist and a Life Coach?

C. Types of coaching

  • What areas do Life Coaches address?
  • Does life coaching take place in person, phone or through other means?
  • Who is life coaching most suited for?

D. Wrap up

Not everyone needs a coach but in the opinion of the presenter, everyone deserves one.

Mark is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with undergraduate and master’s degrees in social work. He has worked in the areas of mental health, advocacy, support, counseling, therapy and coaching within a wide population including schools, prisons, colleges, mental health clinics and hospice. His work includes abused children, severely and chronically mentally ill patients and their families.

Mark’s formal education and training along with his personal and professional experience has guided him to his true calling –life coaching. Realizing he had been coaching others for much of his life, Mark is thrilled to expand his reach, offering his expertise professionally.

Mark creates an open and safe space for clients to expand possibilities. He supports people in living their most authentic and fulfilled life, and ultimately in creating and living a life they love!

Mark is a qualified speaker for the Inland Empire Speaker’s Bureau and is a member of Toastmasters. He has a passion for public speaking – inspiring others to new heights with contagious energy. Mark speaks on various topics including mental health, motivation and passionate living. He also offers coaching to those seeking to increase their impact as speakers.

Spirituality is a key factor in Mark’s approach when working with clients to achieve their desired goals. He understands the significance of one’s spirituality in healing and growing. Influential people in his life include Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, David Hawkins, MD., PhD., Jesus Christ and Gandhi.

Welcome New Members!

Carol Adkisson, Marlene Ferreras & Betty Williams

President's Message:  

Happy December, happy holidays and happy end of the year!

This is it, we are almost ready to close the 2016 chapter of our lives; only a couple more weeks. I hope 2016 was a prosperous and healthy year for you all. In my practice, we added staff and saw more clients this year than ever before. The need for services in our community seems to be never ending, and the slow December to catch up and get stuff done seems to be a thing of the past. Just last week marked the first anniversary of the San Bernardino shootings. We have received a few calls from people in the area or those that had witnessed the shooting that are still having a hard time. I understand from the Press Enterprise and personal accounts that some companies including the State of California are informing people that they no longer can receive services, medication, or take time off when life gets hard. That they “should be over it as it’s been a year.” Or “you should not be affected any longer because you didn’t work for the county.” Or “It was the County that was the target.” Obviously, these people do not understand trauma very well. I teach some of the new social workers for San Bernardino and they are frightened about the anniversary and effects it has on the people of this community. A client asked one of my clinicians if her unsettled feelings were normal! I was astonished.  In my book, there is nothing normal about a shooting here or anywhere. Our feelings are what tell us we are in danger, that something is wrong, that our environment is unsafe. My office and home are about 10 miles away from this incident; it affected me. I can’t imagine going to work at the site every day and not having some feelings about it. I would encourage you all to reach out to your clients and to our community to help those people that are not getting the support they need. If any of you need additional support, call me and let’s talk.  Sometimes what we do is hard. We can share a coffee and some time. Call me.


On a lighter note, IE-CAMFT chapter members please come to the Holiday Party that is coming up on December 10, 2016. It really is a fun event and a great way to enhance friendships. It very easy to do, just register on the IE CAMFT website like you do for the monthly seminar or easier still, just click on the "Register" link above in this newsletter and it will take you to the events page where you can register.  Then pull out that old holiday hat and bring your $15.00 gift for the exchange and you’re ready to go.   We will have great food, music, and fun, all at no charge.  The address of the party will be included in your confirmation email.


Lastly, I wanted to thank the IE-CAMFT Board for all that you do to make this organization work so smoothly. I cherish each and every one of you for your unique contributions. If you are not on the board I would encourage you to come to one of our board meetings and see the inner workings. I would also encourage you to volunteer a little time. We can always use a few extra hands.


Again, happy holidays to you and yours…looking forward to a healthy, prosperous and joyous 2017.


Sherry Shockey-Pope, IE-CAMFT President

Upcoming Events: (NOTE DATES!)

 “But she just had a baby!” The Myths and Lies of Motherhood - January 27, 2017

“Shh, its Confidential”: Confidentiality of Mental Health Information Under California and HIPAA Laws - February 10, 2017

"I Want to Start a Private Practice, but . . . ." - March 24, 2017



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