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Inland Empire Chapter of CAMFT


February 2018

  The Professional Exchange - IE-CAMFT Newsletter


Featured Event: February 23, 2018

Key Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals: What Therapists Should Always Do, Never Do and/or Really Don’t Have to Do

Michael Griffin, J.D., LCSW

Michael Griffin, J.D., LCSW, Staff Attorney, presents this six-hour workshop that focuses upon legal and ethical issues that have fundamental importance to psychotherapists. The specific topics which are addressed vary from workshop to workshop, but typically include some discussion of standards of care, scope of practice, scope of competence, consent/informed consent for treatment, consent for the treatment of minors, avoiding conflicts of interest, psychotherapist-patient privilege, confidentiality, handling requests for records, key aspects of documentation, avoiding problems during termination, avoiding problems when working with clients who are involved with the legal system, writing letters for clients, working with dangerous and/or suicidal clients and issues related to the provision of services via telehealth.

Learning Objectives:      

  1. Understand/apply the term standard of care as it pertains to psychotherapists.
  2. Understand/apply the terms scope of practice and scope of competence in clinical practice.
  3. Understand/distinguish consent for treatment of adults vs. consent for the treatment of minors.
  4. Understand/distinguish dual relationships and conflicts of interest.
  5. Understand/distinguish psychotherapist-patient privilege and confidentiality.
  6. Identify legal and ethical requirements for handling requests for patient records.
  7. Identify legal and ethical issues which may arise when working with dangerous and/or suicidal clients.
  8. Identify legal and ethical issues which may arise during termination.
  9. Identify legal and ethical issues which may arise when writing letters for clients.
  10. Identify legal and ethical issues which may arise when working with clients who are involved with the legal system.
  11. Identify legal and ethical issues which may arise when providing services via telehealth.
  12. Identify legal and ethical considerations in the documentation of treatment.


Michael Griffin, J.D., LCSW, is an attorney at law and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Mr. Griffin received his MSW degree from the USC School of Social Work in 1980, and obtained his LCSW in 1982. Mr. Griffin was a member of the first graduating class at Chapman University School of Law in 1998 and acquired his law license in 2002.

Mr. Griffin has a broad background of experience as a mental health professional. Over the course of his career, he has been employed as a therapist, clinical case manager, clinical supervisor to MFT Interns and Associate Clinical Social Workers, served as a program manager, and outpatient clinic director, and was the director of clinical operations for one of the largest non-profit organizations in Orange County, California. For several years, Mr. Griffin was employed in the department of Psychiatry at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, CA. During his time there, he worked as a child-family therapist, clinical supervisor, and outpatient clinic director, and was the coordinator of school-based mental health programs. Mr. Griffin is a practicing psychotherapist in Orange County, CA, and is an attorney with CAMFT, where he consults with CAMFT’s members regarding legal and ethical issues.


Inland Empire Chapter of CAMFT is a CAMFT Approved CEU Provider Agency  Provider # 62278

CEU Hours: This course meets the qualifications for 6 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences

Certificates: Completion certificates will be awarded at the conclusion of the training and upon participant’s submission of his or her completed evaluation.

Refund Policy:  If a participant is unable to attend and notifies IE-CAMFT 24 hours in advance of the training, full reimbursement will be sent within ten (10) working days.

Grievance:  If any aspect of the training is not to the full satisfaction of any participant, please notify the coordinator, CEU committee chair, or another IE-CAMFT board member.  We hope to resolve any issue immediately on-site.  If not resolved, the full IE-CAMFT board will review and resolve the issue.

IE-CAMFT wishes all participants to have an excellent learning experience.  Please notify the coordinator or other board member if you need special accommodations.  If possible, call Garry Raley at (951) 640-5899 in advance.


This event is FULL at this time.   Be advised that your registration is NOT CONFIRMED until you have paid your registration fee.  If you have not done so, please secure your registration right away by paying the appropriate fee.  We are still accepting online registration on the waiting list in case there are cancellations for any reason, including non-payment but there will be no registration at the door.  

A simple sack lunch will be provided with registration.  Vegan lunches will be available upon request.  Please contact us through the website.

This issue:  

February Featured Event
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  Welcome New and Renewing Members!                                             President's Message

 Upcoming Events

Illuminating Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH)

Laurie Schoenberg, LMFT

Researchers over the last decade have verified the significance of brain development during the early childhood years.   Unfortunately, surveys regarding the general public knowledge of IECMH are significantly dissonant from the experts’ understanding.    For example, some surveys have revealed that the general public believes “things that happen before the age of 3 have no impact later in life.”   Of course this is a myth and in fact scientists have been able to validate those babies’ earliest relationships and experiences will shape the architecture of the brain and the foundation upon which all later learning, behavior and even long term physical health depend on.  All of society benefits from providing young children with a healthy environment in which to learn and grow.  Economists have also shown an impressive return on early childhood investment/resources to the public (i.e., decreased cost in special education, crime, welfare, and increased income taxes due to increased earnings).

Seminar participants discovered that babies come into this world totally dependent on their caregivers for the best opportunity for healthy social-emotional development.  We discussed how the outcome of the quality of the relationship will set the pattern for all future relationships for the rest of the child’s life.  From an infant/young child’s perspective, caregivers are to be trusted, to love, comfort and provide all the resources to their ultimate survival.  Every child deserves the right to be a star in their caregiver’s eyes and to feel their love as unconditional.    Nurturing experiences directly influence the healthy growth of a young child’s brain. This information is essential in understanding a healthy brain promotes a securely attached child.  During these early years, a child’s brain has tremendous potential to develop appropriate circuitry, which will specifically support his ability throughout his life to accurately respond to situations from an emotionally balanced frame work.

This two-hour presentation focused on an overview of infant-early childhood mental health through a framework of promotion and prevention, focused intervention and intensive treatment.  The course participants will be able to use the core message as a short elevator pitch

Participants were able to:

1.       Describe the gaps in public perceptions about infant/early childhood mental health.

2.       Explain the definition of infant/early childhood mental health.

3.       Discuss why infant/early childhood mental health is important; individually and as a society.

4.       Know how they can raise public awareness for infant/early childhood mental health (through promotion, prevention, interventions and treatment).

Laurie Schoenberg, LMFT in private practice specializing in the infant & early childhood years and a mental health consultant for early childhood education programs.   Laurie holds a Master of Science degree in Instructional Leadership with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education and a Master of Arts in Psychology Counseling.  Laurie participated in a post-graduate Fellowship through the UC Davis Napa Infant-Parent Mental Health Program during 2016-2017 and is now a graduate Fellow.  Laurie is an author of a recent volume titled: PARENTAL REFLECTION BUILDS RELATIONSHIP AFFECTION.   The culmination of experience and education has created a passionate mindset for Laurie to see the world through the eyes of a child.  Laurie and her husband have five adult, married children and six very special grandchildren!

Welcome New Members!

Esther Arredondo, Wayne Rich, Mary Stanley, Victoria Montes-Vu, and Araceli Rosas

Thank you for renewing:  Daniel Nyirady, Sally Finn, Holly Leary, Thomas Thomazin, Catherine Wheeler, Nehreen Ayub, Rebecca Cleland, Suha Albadawi, Janae Preast, Donna Horne, Susan Seidman, Gabriele Roberts, Paul Velen, Kamela Elliott, Jean Barefeld, Judy McGehee, Adrian Williams, and Tara Holgate

Renewal Reminders:  Heather Seguin, Leslie Miles, Joe George, Betty Williams, Lisa Axelrod, Cheryl Belk, Diane Broderson, Gina Cross, Lolita Domingue, Summer Dowd-Lukesh, Wendy Durkee, Cianna Edge, Arleen Gutierrez, Andrea McLellan, Danece Stapleton, April Shorters, John Rigoli

It is YOU the members who keep our chapter going!  If your membership is up for renewal please complete the renewal process as soon as possible--your membership is the backbone of our organization and what allows us to keep offering great seminars and CEUs, the Therapist Directory, Membership Directory, and more.  Thank you! :)


From the President:

February, Valentine's Day coming up.  Done with snowmen around for winter (at least here in So Cal where we pretend to have winter).  We're happy to see new members as we join together to support each other as therapists.  Welcome to Michael Griffin from CAMFT who is presenting Law & Ethics for the first time for us.  Please show him our appreciation.  Of course a big thank you to Hospitality for planning the food (Annette, Jeanne & Martha).

Janetta Peltz
IE-CAMFT President

Upcoming Events:

His History, Her Story: A Survival Guide for Spouses of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Trauma - March 23, 2018

Playful Approaches for Engaging Adolescents - April 27, 2018

The Secret World of Hoarders - May 25, 2018



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