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Inland Empire Chapter of CAMFT

Chapter newsletter
september 2020

Featured Event

Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention

Presented by Judy McGehee, LMFT & Sherry Shockey-Pope, LMFT

September 25, 2020

This is a Zoom Event

Therapists often feel unprepared and unequipped to deal with the challenges of treating a suicidal client. Research shows that often that client ends up being passed from therapist to therapist without ever receiving optimal care or even the basics of the standard of care.

President's Message

First of all, I would like to take a moment of silence for the loss of Beverly Johnson. She passed a few months ago and we were just made aware of this sad news. Beverly Johnson was actively involved with IE-CAMFT in the past and was an amazing therapist. As stated by one of our board members, “Beverly was the most awesome therapist ever!” Her son, Jack Johnson, is also a licensed therapist. He will be continuing the family legacy and giving back to the mental health community.

I would like to apologize for missing our last meeting. Unfortunately I too was one of the many that struggled with Covid-19.  I am finally up and about and I am blessed to have had I believe a moderate case that will fully pass in time.  

The last training I participated in was Lisa Larson’s training “Introduction to Brainspotting: Trauma Therapy That Works!” on July 24th. I was fortunate to be her demo at that training, and received a deep healing from that experience. I was trained the next week and am happy to say I have joined the community of fellow Brainspotters! Lisa has agreed to come back and continue this training with a second presentation. I encourage you to join us. The more tools we have in our tool chest as clinicians the more effective we are with our clients.

I would like to thank the presenters of “Therapy Amidst Chaos; The Role of a Therapist in 2020 and Beyond” which was on August 28th. Thank you Anthony Carson, LMFT, Jamie Nelson, LMFT, Nicole Serrano, LMFT and Marissa Soria, LCSW!  I have heard nothing but positive responses from their presentation. Their diverse cultures brought together a dialogue about systemic change in the therapy room and to offer appropriate interventions and inclusive psycho-education.  

The presenters were from the following practices:
Anthony Carson - Hope Avenue Counseling - Colton
Jamie Nelson - Equilibrium Counseling Services - Rancho Cucamonga
Nicole Serrano -  NS Counseling - Rancho Cucamonga
Marissa Soria - Metztli Counseling - Upland

We at IE-CAMFT thank them for their willingness to open a dialogue around this sensitive, important, and timely subject. Together they gave us tools to continue this dialogue in our local communities.

Our next presentation on September 25th, from 9:00am-3:30pm will be “Suicide Risk Assessment & Intervention,” facilitated by Judy McGehee, LMFT and Sherry Shockey-Pope, LMFT. Since the passage of Assembly Bill 1436, it is important for us to remain educated on this subject matter.

View an interview with our presenters:

This will give a brief snippet of our upcoming six hour training. We look forward to seeing you at this event. We are limiting our event to 100 participants, so recommend that you sign up as soon as possible.  

IE-CAMFT is not only here to offer education, but also to allow us to network among our peers. We invite you to come early to our events and get to know those joining you at each training.  

We are also looking for volunteers and potential community and future board members. If you are interested, please contact us as  As a member of this board for a number of years, I have found it to be an invaluable experience, and we hope that you too would consider this as a positive season in your life.

Thank you for continuing to support IE-CAMFT! You can help us by sharing our trainings with your peers. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Carol Adkisson, LMFT
President, IE-CAMFT

Welcome New and Returning Members!

Estefani Crisostomo, Bryanna Shirley, Lisa Larson, Hope Flores, Paulina Trujillo Perez, Wandalyn Lane, Ann Doan, Ruthie Gloyd, Tatiana Rabanne Caoagdan, and Iris Cohen

Thank you for renewing!

AmyLynn Dimaano, Norma Jasso, Jennifer Codega, Stacy Donaldson, Brittney Power, Tina Gonzalez, Omar Gonzalez-Valentino, Jennifer Teresa Taglieri, and Luz Wise

Renewal Reminders

William Shearer, Kimberly Salyer, Vanessa Quintana, Xochitl Perez, Beverly Johnson, Keyvan Geula, Nayra Garcia, Smita Kapoor, Suzanne Becker, Kimberly Lennon, Beverly Pascua, Monica Thirant, Hilary Braxton, Jill Catlin, Leann Gonzalez, and Tricia Kaiser

At Our Last Meeting

Therapy Amidst Chaos; The Role of a Therapist in 2020 and Beyond

Presented by Anthony Carson, LMFT, Jamie Nelson, LMFTNicole Serrano, LMFT, and Lisa Larson, LMFT

Despite challenges, how do we use this time to get to our good, better and best self in the therapy room? Collectively we have supported countless people to overcome fear, trauma and uncertainty; enabling them to show up as their authentic selves. Together we have identified steps toward becoming your good, better, best therapist self. 

Upcoming Events

Suicide Risk Assessment & Intervention

Presented by Judy McGehee, LMFT & Sherry Shockey-Pope, LMFT

September 25, 2020 -  9am - 3:30pm

This is a Zoom event.

Introduction to Systematic Affair Recovery (SART)

Presented by Dr. Talal H. Alsaleem

October 23, 2020 - 9am - 11am

This is a Zoom event.

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