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Inland Empire Chapter of CAMFT

Chapter newsletter
november 2020

Featured Event

Brainspotting: Part Two
Presented by  Lisa Larson, MA, LMFT

November 20, 2020, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

This is a Zoom Event

Brainspotting is a powerful brain-based trauma therapy that accesses the deepest regions of the brain where clients store their traumatic experiences and survival terror. This access to the limbic system and brain stem allows deep transformation to occur. Brainspotting can be utilized to clear negative cognition and experiences as well as strengthen positive beliefs and states of being.

President's Message

Can you believe it’s holiday time?  I am still trying to wrap my brain around this.  It’s certainly been an interesting year, unfortunately between Covid-19, the protests, grief and loss, and many fires, this has been a challenging year.  As recently as this weekend and the culmination in an Historic Presidential Election.  

While researching on the normalization of life after historical events as we are living in, it is difficult to foresee how long it will take life to be normalized from here.  The Spanish Flu took some time, certainly with our medical and mental health advances, we can only hope that we will bounce back sooner.  However, for now we have a more virtual world. 

With that said, please continue to check in with your clients on any Pandemic Fatigue that they may be feeling.  This is a very real response to these difficult times. Here is an online article on Pandemic Fatigue  

Continue to manage your own self-care structuring your life in a way that is meeting your needs and hence your ability to be as present with your clients as possible. 

Finally, I wanted to let you know that we will have a unique Virtual Holiday Party this year.  We will be discussing further details in the coming weeks.  I am looking forward to a celebration that is celebratory and fun. 

I want to thank our last presenter Dr. Talal H. Alsaleem who spoke October 23rd  on the subject of infidelity.  If you missed this presentation, please feel free to visit his website at and/or visit amazon to get your copy of his book on infidelity. 

Our upcoming presentation November 20th, 9am-11am is Brainspotting: Part Two, by Lisa Larson, MA, LMFT. Our video Interview will be available online (social media) on Monday November 9th, 2020Part 2 is another view of Brainspotting. It is not necessary for you to have attended the July training (Introduction to Brainspotting) to attend this training.  As a trauma specialist I find this and many other trauma techniques useful to add to my arsenal of healing tools. Her training will include a demo.

Please keep in mind this is a zoom event, and registration will close on November 18th.  Also, attendees must attend the full session in order to receive 2 ceu’s.  

As a brainspotter myself, I also use Lisa Larson’s Intake Process.  I am hoping she will return and teach this method to all of us clinicians.  Once I took her course, I have used this method ever since.  Your interest in this subject matter would be helpful.  

Please email, attention to Lynn, if you would like to do a presentation for our chapter or have any connections/suggestions for future presentations.  There is also a link at the bottom of our  Event page to submit your presentation proposal.

IE-camft is not only here to offer you education, but also to allow us to network amongst our peers.  We invite you to come early to our event and get to know who is joining you at this training. 

We are also looking for volunteers and potential community and future board members.  If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at  As a member of this board for a number of years, I have found this to be an invaluable experience, and we hope that you too would consider this as a positive season in your life.

As we continue our virtual presentations, please remember:

This process is easy, and you can take part from the comfort of your home or office and even in your PJs if you like. Please do sign in early, and you must be present until the end. CEU time requirements are in place.  Also, you need to complete the seminar evaluation form in order to get your certificate.  The certificates are emailed in batches, so the earlier you complete yours, the sooner you will receive it, as most people submit theirs right after the seminar.

Here are a few suggestions to make your experience optimal.   

1.     Download and install the Zoom application ahead of time.

2.    Log in at least 15-20 minutes early and sign in. That way, you have time if a problem arises.

3.    Have only one browser window open during the conference call. We don’t need to see your email, and you will have a better connection.

4.    Make sure you are in a quiet place, and if you can’t be, or your dog starts barking of your child starts to cry, please mute yourself. In fact, everyone will be able to hear better if everyone but the presenter mutes themselves.

5.  Wear earbuds or headphones as that helps with unwanted feedback and makes everyone’s experience better.

6.  If the quality of the video becomes a challenge, you can stop the video and continue with audio-only. 

Thank you for continuing to support IE-CAMFT, please share about our trainings, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Carol Rose Adkisson
IE-CAMFT President

Welcome New and Returning Members!

Robyn Spotten and Jennifer Kolbow

Thank you for renewing!

Catherine Ferrari, Jill Catlin, Linda Bramel, Diana Medina, Janice Browning, Rakeshia Morgan, Leticia Walton, Sandi Duffield, Johnetta Threadgill-Powderill, Janetta Peltz, and Joe Navarro

Renewal Reminders

Jennifer Goodlow, Myesha Dunn, Kimm Moreno, Jose M. Flores, Robbie Thompson,  Debra Valentine, Deanne Edwards, Mona Orton, Michelle Gasper, Yvette Magana, Zelda M. Verrett, Ashley Stacy, Erminilla Saucedo, Melissa Stratton, Maryana Helu, and Brittany Leary

At Our Last Meeting

Introduction to Systemic Affair Recovery (SART)
Presented by  Dr. Talal H. Alsaleem

October 23, 2020

At this workshop we were introduced to the clinical tools needed to help our clients recover from the trauma of infidelity. Knowledge-based, as well as clinical interventions were presented based on extensive clinical work with couples dealing with infidelity.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Brainspotting: Part Two
Presented by  Lisa Larson, MA, LMFT

November 20, 2020, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Virtual Holiday Party!
November 20, 2020, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Consensual Non-Monogamy
Presented by  Dr. Ryan Witherspoon

January 22, 2021, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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