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Inland Empire Chapter of CAMFT


June 2018

  The Professional Exchange - IE-CAMFT Newsletter


Featured Event: June 22, 2018

Video and Social Media Marketing for Mental Health Professionals

Ernesto Segismundo, Jr., LMFT

Small businesses in mental health fail many times due to lack of marketing and branding.  In order to have a successful private practice in mental health, professionals must not only have clinical skills, but also marketing skills.  This seminar/workshop will help mental health professionals gain knowledge pertaining to professional development and market strategizing and explore effective ways therapists in private practice can market themselves through social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Course objectives:

Attendees of this course will be able to do the following:

1)     Understand the legal and ethical standards of marketing and advertising through social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and other social networking sites as pre-licensed and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.    

2)     Create an interactive and engaging website with videos utilizing YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and other social media outlets.

3)     Create a marketing strategy that will promote the branding of her/his practice.

4)   Develop a powerful online presence in order to increase client load and enhance other professional opportunities. 

Seminar/Course outline:

I.         Legal and ethical standards of marketing and advertising. 
a.      Exploration of CAMFT advertising standards.     
b.     Acceptable titles for pre-licensed and licensed marriage and family therapists.
c.      Scope of practice and content in blogs and video-blogs.
II.     Therapists’ view of marketing.
a.      Philosophical view of marketing by mental health therapists.
b.     Therapist’s personality and types of marketing.
III.     Create an effective Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, and Twitter marketing campaign showcasing the clinician’s mental health practice to gain clients and professional opportunities. 
a.      Top-down approach to media marketing and strategizing.
b.     Visual and lighting effects that increase viewer attention.
c.      Creative ways to project a sense of urgency and interest to your audience.
IV.     How to create traffic to your website with blogging, video blogging, and email marketing campaigns.
a.      Word of mouth promotionals.
b.     Recruiting other professionals in non-related fields.
c.      Partnering with other social services in the community that target the same clientele.   
V.       How to develop a YouTube channel discussing important topics on mental health related topics.     
a.      Sending email surveys to individuals in the community.
b.     Monitoring discussion on Facebook, Twitter, and other media sources to gain resources on topics to discuss on your YouTube channel. 

Recommended Resources and Texts:

CAMFT advertising guidelines for therapists:

Mary Lou Roberts, Debra Zahay, (2012). Internet Marketing Integrating Online and Offline Strategies (3rd edition).  Cengage South-Western.

Bio:  Ernesto received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Biola University and received his Masters of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from Vanguard University.

Along with his counseling experience, he has conducted various classes and seminars concerning relationships and mental health related topics such as parenting, substance abuse, maintaining healthy marriages, private practice social media and video marketing, and managed care practices. Ernesto is currently an adjunct professor at Hope International University and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Irvine, CA campus. Ernesto owns and operates a group practice with offices located in Huntington Beach and Fullerton California, and also supervises pre-licensed therapists in his group practice called CAV Family Therapy Inc.

Ernesto created to help mental health professionals develop a web-based presence in order to learn how to market their practices through video and social media marketing, and is also a videographer, creating promotional videos specifically for therapists in private practice. To learn more about Ernesto, please visit his website: or follow him on Facebook and Instagram.


Inland Empire Chapter of CAMFT is a CAMFT Approved CEU Provider Agency  Provider # 62278

CEU Hours: This course meets the qualifications for 6 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences

Certificates: Completion certificates will be awarded at the conclusion of the training and upon participant’s submission of his or her completed evaluation.

Refund Policy:  If a participant is unable to attend and notifies IE-CAMFT 24 hours in advance of the training, full reimbursement will be sent within ten (10) working days.

Grievance:  If any aspect of the training is not to the full satisfaction of any participant, please notify the coordinator, CEU committee chair, or another IE-CAMFT board member.  We hope to resolve any issue immediately on-site.  If not resolved, the full IE-CAMFT board will review and resolve the issue.

IE-CAMFT wishes all participants to have an excellent learning experience.  Please notify the coordinator or other board member if you need special accommodations.  If possible, call Garry Raley at (951) 640-5899 in advance. 

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June Featured Event
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Upcoming Events

Step (Carefully) Inside the Secret World of Hoarders

Carol Rose Adkisson, LMFT

Stepping into a hoarder's world is not as easy as you might think.  A hoarder has multiple layers that if peeled back, may possibly reveal a family system that helps to enable his or her behaviors, traumatic events from her childhood, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive thinking, and possibly an addictive personality compounded by delusional thinking. Would you like a peek into that world?  Let’s help these clients that are more common than you may realize. Let us delve into that world and explore the depths of their secret world.

This training encompassed many issues that are important in understanding the hoarders who may cross your path.  As a child of a hoarder, I grew up hoping to understand the underpinnings of my mother.  Why were objects so important to her?  As my sisters and I grew up and moved on, her hoarding increased, as it often does when there is no one to help stop the hoarding behaviors.  She was diagnosed with cancer and thus we as a family helped her to the next stage of her life:  letting go of her things and moving her to an assisted living facility.  We took her things away--either discarded, donated and/or sold them.  Neither the family nor she had a choice at that point. Because of this, I grew up with a heart to help this population to heal.

This training created a picture of the average hoarder and her family system.  It’s important to understand the system in order to help the hoarder heal.  It’s also necessary for the family to form an alliance, just as you would with an addict or an alcoholic.  We discussed the five stages of hoarding, the diagnostic criteria as presented in the DSM-5, and various treatment methods to deal with this insidious problem.  Many times as clinicians we are unaware that our clients present with this problem as it is generally a secret condition.  Hoarders are not hoarders, but collectors, at least in their minds, however delusional that may be.  Let me help you to lead your clients to success and freedom. 


Participants were able to:

1. Describe the average hoarder and her/his family system

2. List the stages of hoarding

3. Identify the relevant DSM-5 diagnostic criteria

4. Identify appropriate treatment methods for hoarders

Carol Adkisson, LMFT is an author, speaker, teacher and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  She is the owner of a private practice and founder/Chief Executive Officer of a non-profit, The Trauma and Healing Foundation in Fontana.  She also is an author of a number of books including “Recovering My Life, a Personal Bariatric Story.”  She co-developed and participates in a podcast entitled “Curious Intentions.”  Carol specializes in anxiety, depression, trauma, couples therapy, ADHD, substance issues, immigration, psychological evaluations, weight loss and bariatric surgery, 12-step recovery, and of course HOARDING.  She is trained in various treatments including EMDR and Trauma Focused CBT and numerous other modalities.  She also has 34 years experience working with recovery-based programs.  She serves individuals, couples, families, children, and adolescents. She utilizes "discernment theory" as a means to perceive which treatment is most helpful for an individual client’s needs. Carol is the Clinical Director of her group practice, which employs therapists with many different specialties, whom she supervises. She has her Bachelor’s Degree and Masters Degree in Marriage Family Therapy from Hope International University.  Her hobbies include volleyball, spending time with her family, and she is a foodie, always ready to try something new.

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Upcoming Events:

No Meeting in July - Board Retreat

Power Down and Power Up: Screen Dependence and Raising Tech-Healthy Children - August 24, 2018

Working with Gender & Sexually Diverse Clients - September 28, 2018



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