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Inland Empire Chapter of CAMFT


 September 2018

  The Professional Exchange - IE-CAMFT Newsletter


September Featured Events

Working with Gender & Sexually Diverse Clients

Patricia Gonzalez, LMFT


Working with Gender & Sexually Diverse Clients is an LGBT Affirmative Training session with immediate application for both clinical and non-clinical attendees. The focus of the training is to gain an understanding of the intersection of sexual and gender identity with mental health effects.  By gaining an understanding of the experiences and struggles of LGBTQ individuals and how to improve your provision of culturally appropriate care attendees will take away interventions for immediate use in improving mental health outcomes with LGBT clients. 


1.        Attendees will gain an understanding of the variety of terms related to diverse sexual and gender identities.
2.        Attendees will explore the intersection of sexual/gender identity and mental health effects to understand experiences and struggles of LGBTQIA individuals and why provision of culturally appropriate care is paramount

3.           Attendees will learn the safety considerations for our clients during the coming out process. 
4.            Attendees will learn best practices related to housing, documentation, and medication related to gender diverse clients. 


    Patricia Gonzalez is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in working with LGBTQIA people of color.  She graduated from the Latinx Family Specialization in the school of cultural psychology at Pacific Oaks College. Her training included positions at the Los Angles Lesbian and Gay Center, The Orange County Child Abuse Prevention  Center, Amanecer Community Counseling Center and currently ongoing with Creative Insights Counseling.   She is the Senior Staff Therapist and Director of Outreach and Education of Creative Insights Counseling, a two location, private practice in the Inland Empire. Ms. Gonzalez has appeared on national television and provides workshops to many types of professionals with regard to working with the LGBTQIA people of color.  She provides clinical consultation to mental health providers across the country and in Canada.  Ms. Gonzalez is adjunct faculty at the University of Redlands and is currently teaching at Pacific Oaks College. 


    Inland Empire Chapter of CAMFT is a CAMFT Approved CEU Provider Agency  Provider # 62278

    CEU Hours: This course meets the qualifications for 2 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences

    Certificates: Completion certificates will be awarded at the conclusion of the training and upon participant’s submission of his or her completed evaluation.

    Refund Policy:  If a participant is unable to attend and notifies IE-CAMFT 24 hours in advance of the training, full reimbursement will be sent within ten (10) working days.

    Grievance:  If any aspect of the training is not to the full satisfaction of any participant, please notify the coordinator, CEU committee chair, or another IE-CAMFT board member.  We hope to resolve any issue immediately on-site.  If not resolved, the full IE-CAMFT board will review and resolve the issue.

    IE-CAMFT wishes all participants to have an excellent learning experience.  Please notify the coordinator or other board member if you need special accommodations.  If possible, call Garry Raley at (951) 640-5899 in advance.


    Sept 28, 2018 – 8:30 am – 12 pm

    Where: 1898 Business Center Drive, San Bernardino, CA 92408

    Who to expect?

    Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW will be promoting three books:

    “Your Own Path Through Grief,” a workbook for your journey to recovery

    “Someone is sick, how do I say goodbye?”

    “Someone I love just died- what happens now?”

    The workbook is a solution-focused approach to recovery from grief, and can be used immediately after a death or much later. It is designed to be usable in the setting of a group, with a therapist, or independently.

    The other two are children's books, and were written to prepare children for a coming death in realistic terms, and for what happens in funerals, cremations, and touches on the grief process. Both books have a section in the back for adults to help them use the right words in teaching children about loss, and the second book has child-friendly definitions of terms used in the book.

    She will also have “Your Path Through Grief,” a year-long process for grievers available.

    Stefanie Sherbon, LMFT will be promoting her therapeutic game ‘Owl Pal’ for abused children.

    Brief Description:

    Owl Pal Truth is a “True, False, or Dare” therapeutic game for children, who have experienced abuse. Instead of keeping abuse a secret, children get to uncover the truth about themselves and what happened to them. It was designed for professionals, such as: therapists, play therapists, school counselors, social workers, and psychologists to use with clients to help empower them. This fun, interactive game aims to help children process the abuse, reduce negative beliefs and feelings of guilt, increase their sense of worth, and build a positive self-image.

    Lori Orr Kovach will be promoting her book: ‘Burned: Pyromania, Murder, and A Daughter's Nightmare’ (By: Frank C. Girardot Jr. with Lori Orr Kovach)

    For years Lori Orr believed her Los Angeles firefighter dad was a selfless hero. When Lori’s dad was arrested and charged with four murders and countless arson fires, it was her testimony that helped keep him from being sent to Death Row. Eventually, Lori’s search for the truth led her to the dark secrets lurking in her family’s past and to an inescapable conclusion about the remorseless killer and arsonist known as the "Pillowcase Pyro" and his reign of terror in sunny Southern California.

    Holli Kenley, M.A., MFT will display her books and programs including:

    Power Down & Parent Up:  Cyber Bullying, Screen Dependence & Raising Tech-Healthy Children” providing parents/guardians with effective strategies to integrate into their lives and their children’s.

    Daughters Betrayed By Their Mothers: Moving From Brokenness To Wholeness” providing audiences with an intimate exploration into the lives of females who chose wellness over victimhood.

    “Breaking Through Betrayal: And Recovering The Peace Within” 2nd Edition” offering readers a comprehensive healing journey for breaking free from any kind of betrayal injury.

    Patrick Poor, LMFT will be informing people about Trauma Conversion Therapy, and offering 4 free CEUs to any therapist who watches 2 videos of presentations he did on treating PTSD as a Dissociative Disorder.

    Dr. Bill Shearer, will be promoting his book, Mindful Choices for Well-Being

    Brief Description: This book is an excellent resource for therapists and life coaches as it allows for systematic and individualized treatment and growth toward well-being. It also works well in group therapy and he has been conducting a Mindful Choices for Well-Being therapy group for several years.

    Sherry Shockey-Pope, LMFT: Therapist Practice in a Box.   Program: Let's Get Your Private Practice done! (12-week coaching)

    Sherry Shockey-Pope, LMFT is Founder of Therapist Practice in a Box design to help graduate students, newly licensed practitioners, or anyone that wants to build a successful private practice the first time. She provides the support and coaching you need. Her attitude of “let’s get it done and stop talking about it” approach has helped many struggling clinicians. She is the cheering squad you need to build that successful practice. She is passionate about helping and teaching others how to build a private practice. Therapists Practice in a Box is the graduate school program on business practice building that you never had. Her website “” has many other helpful resources for clinicians.

    Carol Adkisson, LMFT : Written from the perspective of a patient and clinician, Recovering My Life – A personal bariatric story is a raw reflection of weight loss using bariatric surgery as a tool.  The book explores the emotional reasons for compulsive overeating and reveals the rarely shared truth from this writer’s perspective.

    The companion book, Recovering My Life – Your Story – guides the reader through the process of discovering how her relationship with food negatively affected every aspect of her life. The workbook/journal brings the reader face-to-face with how s/he uses food to mask her/his emotional brokenness.

    Debra Walker, Ph.D. will be promoting her book entitled “His History, Her Story”. It is the first book to explore the impact of male childhood sexual abuse on adult relationships. Aimed at helping both the partners of trauma survivors and mental health professionals, the book is written from the unique perspective of Dr. Debra Warner, the leading American forensic psychologist in the field of male trauma who is married to a trauma survivor. Dr. Warner, who is one of few women specializing in male trauma shares both her story and her husband’s as they make the journey to healing and recovery. Using the wisdom gained from her personal and professional experience, she provides hands-on direction as both wife and forensic psychologist to help survivors and their partners lead the rich and fulfilling relationships that they deserve.

    For mental health professionals, this book represents a groundbreaking resource that explores in detail the phenomenon of male trauma and related issues. It contains the largest compilation of papers by leading psychologists and professionals working in the field of male trauma and relationships.

    Traci Lowenthal, Psy.D.: will be promoting her book: Working with Transgender and Gender-Expansive Clients: A Foundational Guide for Therapists.

    Clinical therapists and mental health providers who care for transgender and gender-expansive clients must be more than merely tolerant, more than LGBTQIA+ “friendly.” To be truly affirming of expansive people, providers must be knowledgeable and continuously expanding that knowledge as the communities evolve and expand.   This book offers insights and up-to-date practical advice for clinical therapists and mental health providers contemplating care for transgender and gender-expansive clients.

    Tyra Butler, LMFT

    "How to Start and Grow Your Pre-Licensed Practice: A Step-by-Step Guide to Hit the Ground Running" is a new, online course to give early career therapists an edge to get into private practice, ethically and legally. You'll end up with an established practice that can sustain you throughout pre-licensure and beyond!

    It includes:

    -The top 10 benefits of starting a practice now rather than waiting until you're licensed

    -How to move past the intimidation and anxiety surrounding getting into a private practice

    -How to find a supervisor, with secrets to accelerate the process and land an ideal supervisor, including how to negotiate the best financial and overall arrangement to maximize earning potential

    -What you need to know about the business side of private practice and your responsibilities versus your supervisor’s

    -How to get clients and create a referral generation system

    -How to effectively guide the first sessions so you can keep clients and increase your retention rates

    The goal is to get you established and on your way to having a successful, thriving practice that sustains you financially and fits with the rest of your life, and so you can take care of yourself and your family, and not feel burned out or overworked. Tyra Butler is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who started and grew a successful practice while pre-licensed. She's grown practices in two cities and teaches others how to do it as well. Sign up on the waitlist (

     Learn more about her coaching services

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    September Featured Events

    Annual Authors' Gathering 

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    Message from the Board

    Upcoming Events

    Power Down & Parent Up: Screen Dependence and Raising Tech-Healthy Children

    Holli Kenley, M.A., LMFT


    “Many parents sense intuitively that electronic screen activity has unwanted effects on their children’s behavior and mood, but are unsure what to do about it.”(Dunkley, 2015). “Parents and teens are both affected by the influences of our screen-saturated lives, but young people experience the effects with ferocious intensity.”(Koch, 2015). With a thorough investigation of electronic consumption and of current research validating the consequences of interactive and passive screen-time on developing children as well as on adult populations, participants will also examine effective interventions.

    Program Goals: Based on current research and published works on screen dependence, this seminar:
    1. Presented background knowledge on the following: introduction to how and why this topic is of clinical relevance and therapeutic importance; explanation of new clinical vocabulary and review of related terminology; identification of limitations of research
    2. Presented research-based evidence of neurological, physiological, emotional, psychological, relational and behavioral manifestations as the result of both interactive and passive screen time.
    3. Presented tools for assessment and intervention with individuals, with an emphasis on children, and with families. 

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Participants were able to describe and discuss background knowledge on screen dependence including the following: clinical relevance and therapeutic importance; new clinical vocabulary as well as a review of terminology in association with presenting pathology and symptomatology; and limitations to research.
    2. Participants were able to describe and discuss the most common neurological, physiological, emotional, psychological, relational or social, and behavioral manifestations as the result of interactive and passive screen-time.
    3. Participants were able to identify and articulate how the following occurrences are directly correlated to interactive and/or passive connectedness with electronic devices: frequent mis-diagnosis of presenting symptomatology, the exacerbation of existing pathology, and the creation of new pathology.
    4. Participants were able to compare and contrast the symptoms/manifestations of Electronic Screen Syndrome (Dunkley, 2015) with presenting symptomatology of other clinical disorders and evaluate their respective therapeutic implications and considerations.
    5. Participants were able to describe research-based interventions for addressing health consequences and concerns of screen dependence for individual clients and families. 


    There is consistency in the research supporting where this is access or exposure to or consumption of technology, either passive or interactive, there are presenting health concerns and consequences. Factors which may discriminate or influence access or exposure could include socio-economic limitations, religious beliefs, cultural traditions, or age vulnerabilities. These will be addressed within the presentation.

    Sensitive material

    Although there is no sensitive material within the workshop, participants may feel “uncomfortable”. As we explore degree of dependence on screens and their ensuing consequences, participants may discover problematic behaviors or emotions and/or maladaptive beliefs or practices within their own lives, within their families, and within their relationships with technology. I will note and validate such feelings as well as maintain a pulse on their presence throughout the presentation.


    Alter, A. (2017). Irresistible: The rise of addictive technology and the business of keeping us hooked. New York, NY: Penguin Press.

    Bosker, B. (2016, November). Tristan Harris believes Silicon Valley is addicting us to our phones: And he’s determined to make it stop. The Atlantic, 56-65.

    Dunckley, Victoria L. (2015). Reset your child’s brain: A four-week plan to end meltdowns, raise grades and boost social skills by reversing the effects of electronic screen-time. Novato, CA: New World Library.

    Grossman, D. Lt.Col., & DeGaetano. G. (2014). Stop teaching our kids to kill: A call to action against tv, movie, and video game violence. New York, NY: Harmony Books (Crown Publishing Group).

    Kardaras, N. (2016) Glow Kids: How screen addiction is hijacking out kids – and how to break the trance. New York, N.Y: St. Martin’s Press.

    Kersting, T. (2016). Disconnected: How to reconnect our digitally distracted kids. USA: Thomas Kersting.

    Koch, K. (2015). Screens and teens: Connecting with our kids in a wireless world. Chicago: Moody Press.


    Holli Kenley is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a California State Licensed Teacher. She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. She has worked in a variety of settings: a women’s shelter, a counseling center, and in private practice. Counseling with adolescents, teens, young and older adults, Holli’s areas of specialized training and experience include sexual trauma, abuse, addiction, codependency, domestic violence, betrayal, and cyber bullying. Holli is the author of five recovery books including “Breaking through Betrayal: And Recovering the Peace Within” (2010); “Cyberbullying No More: Parenting a High Tech Generation” (2011); and her powerful memoir “Mountain Air: Relapsing and Finding the Way Back…One Breath at a Time” (2013).  Holli’s first novel, “Another Way” (2015) offers tweens to teens (and their parents/guardians) an empowering message of discovering, defining, and determining self-worth.  New, in her Second Edition of “Breaking through Betrayal” (January 2016), Holli addresses relapse as an issue of self-betrayal with a healing process for self-discovery. 

    In addition to her work as a therapist and an author, Holli enjoys speaking at workshops and conferences. Over the past six years, Holli has been a five-time peer presenter at the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists’ Annual Conferences speaking on the topics of betrayal, relapse, cyberbullying and sexual abuse recovery.  Holli Kenley has been a guest on over 100 podcasts as well as on Arizona’s TV show Morning Scramble speaking on issues of wellness.  Prior to and during her career as a therapist, Holli taught for thirty years in public education

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    President's Message:  

    I hope everyone is enjoying their back-to-school season!  I want to thank Holli Kenley, LMFT, for an amazing presentation on “Powering Down and Parenting Up.”  She gave us insight into the effects of technology on our children’s brain development, helpful guidelines for technology use for different age groups, and taught us the criteria for Electronic Screen Dependence.  It was a very well- researched, relevant presentation and we hope she will come back again sometime soon!  Next month we look forward to a training by Stefanie Sherbon, LMFT on "Stepping Outside of the Box:  Creative Play Therapy."  We hope you will be able to join us! Till then, have a safe and productive back-to-school season!

    Amanda Cavicchi, IE-CAMFT President

    Upcoming Events:

    Stepping Outside of the Box: Creative Play Therapy Interventions - October 26, 2018

    Sex Addiction or Hurtful Behavior?  Helping Couples Understand and Heal from Betrayal - November 16, 2018 

    Holiday Party - no meeting - TBD



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