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  February 2017

  The Professional Exchange - IE-CAMFT Newsletter

February 10, 2017 Featured Event: 

"Shh, its Confidential”: Confidentiality of Mental Health Information Under California and HIPAA Laws

Dave Jensen, JD

Course Description: If confidentiality is the cornerstone of the therapist-patient relationship, it behooves therapists to have an accurate understanding of the laws that affect the confidentiality of patient information. What information must be kept confidential? What information could be shared without an authorization? How can we limit third-party access to outpatient information?  What “things” does a practitioner have to do to secure patient information to keep it confidential? In this six-hour presentation, Dave Jensen, JD will review California and HIPAA laws regarding the confidentiality of patient information.

Learning Objectives:

This workshop is designed to help you:

1.      Compare the “building blocks” of patient information and confidentiality under California law and HIPAA.

2.      Describe the structure of California Civil Code § 56.10 and the importance of written authorizations.
3.      Explain the relationship between California Civil Code §§ 56.10 and 56.104 and why this relationship is so important for outpatient psychotherapists.
4.      Apply the categories of “T-P-O” to patient information under HIPAA.
5.      Assess how HIPAA handles the technical aspects of confidentiality differently than California law does.

Dave Jensen has been a Staff Attorney with CAMFT since April, 2002.  He was born in Flint, Michigan, but was raised in Tustin, California.  Dave graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s Degree in History, and he received his law degree from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California.  Dave passed the California bar examination in February, 1999, and he did it on his first try!  Before joining CAMFT, Dave worked for Foley & Lardner, a large national law firm, where he regularly established and advised nonprofit organizations.  As an attorney with CAMFT, he consults with its members regarding their legal and ethical dilemmas, and he is a regular contributor to The Therapist magazine.  Dave gives numerous law and ethics presentations to chapters, schools, and agencies, and his popular What Does the Law Expect of Me? series, which includes Parts I, II, III, IV, V, and VI, have helped therapists to better understand their legal and ethical obligations.


Inland Empire Chapter of CAMFT is a CAMFT Approved CEU Provider Agency  Provider # 62278

CEU Hours: This course meets the qualifications for 6 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences

Certificates: Completion certificates will be awarded at the conclusion of the training and upon participant’s submission of his or her completed evaluation.

Refund Policy:  If a participant is unable to attend and notifies IE-CAMFT 24 hours in advance of the training, full reimbursement will be sent within ten (10) working days.

Grievance:  If any aspect of the training is not to the full satisfaction of any participant, please notify the coordinator, CEU committee chair, or another IE-CAMFT board member.  We hope to resolve any issue immediately on-site.  If not resolved, the full IE-CAMFT board will review and resolve the issue.

IE-CAMFT wishes all participants to have an excellent learning experience.  Please notify the coordinator or other board member if you need special accommodations.  If possible, call Garry Raley at (951) 640-5899 in advance




  •   THE EVOLUTION OF PSYCHOTHERAPY: A CONFERENCE is being held in our own backyard at the Anaheim Convention Center, December 13th through December 17th. If you register before February 14th the cost is $399.00
  • 3000 club meetings have resumed and we are meeting on the 4th Saturday of the month. Upcoming topics include: Practice building, 5150 training, sexual addiction, and more. Stay tuned via IE-CAMFT Facebook page

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“But she just had a baby!” The Myths and Lies of Motherhood

Katayune Kaeni, Psy.D.

Maternal mental health complications have been long overlooked, under-diagnosed and undertreated in part because of the myths that surround pregnancy and motherhood, which paint a picture of a happy and fulfilled woman doing what she is meant to do with her life. Unfortunately, this social construct of motherhood is damaging and unrealistic. Also, when postpartum depression does get into the news, it’s misrepresented and sensationalized out of context. The hard reality is that 15-20% of pregnant and postpartum women will experience a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder. That’s roughly 1 in 6.

These statistics are high. Often these mothers are suffering in plain view and in silence. There is quite a bit of pressure to conform to idealized motherhood, along with the absence of education for mothers or healthcare providers about what can happen during the perinatal time.

This presentation will go into detail about how and why mood disorders are different in the reproductive period. We will discuss the different diagnoses, screening tools, treatment options, and resources for maternal mental health. This information is essential when working with women and men who are in the reproductive phase. Without it, we are missing key factors of treatment and recovery and potentially leaving our clients at risk for continuation or worsening of symptoms.

Please join us in this presentation, gain a deeper understanding of this vulnerable and delicate time of life transition, ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, and walk away feeling better equipped to help the mothers and families who are already in your office.

Course Description

This two-hour maternal mental health presentation focuses on clinical and treatment considerations for women and families who suffer from Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders. We will cover some of the myths and realities for mothers (and fathers). The training covers statistics, diagnosis, screening tools, treatment options, and resources for maternal mental health complications.

Course Objectives

Participants were able to:

  • 1.       Describe the complex factors that can contribute to the development of a Perinatal Mood and Anxiety disorder (PMAD) and articulate why specialized training is essential.
  • 2.       Discuss and describe the common mental health diagnoses during the perinatal period, including statistics and prevalence.
  • 3.       Utilize and compare screening tools for perinatal mood disorders.
  • 4.       Explain treatment options for psychotherapy, know when to refer for medication evaluation, and apply supportive techniques for this population.


Katayune Kaeni, Psy.D., is a psychologist specializing in maternal mental health. She was drawn to this specialty after going through postpartum depression and anxiety with her first child. Dr. Kat has a private practice in Claremont, Ca and runs a free pregnancy and postpartum stress support group in her community. Dr. Kat has extensive training in maternal mental health issues, including from Postpartum Support International Components of Care: Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Maternal Mental Health Now and 2020mom.

Dr. Kat is the creator and host of the Mom & Mind Podcast, which focuses on maternal mental health and wellness. Podcast topics range from preconception, through pregnancy and postpartum. She hosts interviews with women who have gone from struggling to wellness, as well as the advocates, experts, and healthcare providers that work to help moms and families recover and thrive.

Dr. Kat works in her community to raise awareness and support mothers. She volunteers with Postpartum Support International as the area co-coordinator for San Bernardino County and contributes to the PSI blog. Dr. Kat works with San Bernardino County and their maternal mental health workgroup to offer training to local mental health and allied healthcare providers.  Dr. Kat participates in the yearly Climb out of Darkness walk that supports postpartum progress and raises awareness of pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders.

Dr. Kat’s mission is to support mothers, train health care providers, advocate for women and families, and bring discussions of maternal mental health out in the open.

Welcome New Members!

Rebecca Cleland, Summer Dowd-Lukesh, April Shorters, Donna Horne, and Suha Albadawi

President's Message: 

“Scream from the peaks, hold hands through the dips, laugh through the loop-de-loops, and enjoy every twist and turn – – for the ride is better because you share it together.” Author Unknown.


The last few months there seems to be a great deal of uncertainty building. I feel it, my friends feel it, my clients feel it, and maybe you do too.  This past month, a great deal of my time has been trying to help calm my clients’ anxiety and to help them feel safe enough to work on healing. My staff also report that their clients are feeling the uncertainty as well. In my office, the ringing phone has been a consistent reminder that people are scared and want help. I have taken many calls this past couple of weeks where the caller has asked desperately, “Are you taking new patients? I have called other therapists and everyone is full.”

When I worked for a local county many years ago; we would have good cash flow years where we could create new and wonderful programs, add staff and ultimately help many people in our community. In other years, the budget was terrible and we reduced programing, couldn’t purchase any supplies, and fewer people received help. I remember one year I was even given a layoff notice.  That was a scary time.  While I am not trying to be political here, I do see some scary times ahead. I also know that we will get through this, somehow. Each day I get up, I meditate, workout, and I ready myself. I take stock in what I can do to make changes, I set my intention to do great work, to be even better than I was the day before. I am not looking at others to be in competition, but for strength and encouragement. How I choose to live my life matters, and it matters to my family and friends, but also it matters to my clients.

Therapists matter and what we do matters. We need to be able to support each other to stand up together and be the voice for those who do not have a voice. We need to help heal this broken world and this is a daunting task, I know. I am proud of our therapist tribe. I see the tireless work that you are doing in our communities. I commend your actions and request that we do a little more. We are going to need a lot more action in the coming months and we may at times need to become political. Especially as services for our veterans, children, women, and families are stripped, the pay we receive for our work is reduced, and the healthcare system becomes harder and harder to navigate. I would encourage you stay informed, to speak up when you see or hear of injustice, and to support one another. For that is how we heal our communities. 

Sherry Shockey-Pope, IE-CAMFT President

Upcoming Events:

"I Want to Start a Private Practice, but . . . ." - March 24, 2017

The Neurobiology of Play Therapy - April 28, 2017

Taking the Fear out of Working with Eating Disorders, Part II - May 26, 2017



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