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Our Mission:  We are professional visionaries dedicated to providing training, networking, and advocacy for Marriage and Family Therapists to promote healthy individual, couple, and family relationships

Welcome New and Returning Members!

Jessica Hale, Kylie Kellas, Samson Benjamin, Katherine Marashian, Karen Quinn, Cassandra Allen, Kathy Jaffe, and Chelsea Denegri

Thank You for Renewing!

Brittney Power, Regina (GINA) Holmes, Patrick M. Poor, Maximiliano Cabellos, Lauren Guzman Johnson, Rebecca Hahn-Hooten, Shelley Daub, Maria Luisa Gamboa, Irma Gonzalez, Leticia Walton, Johnetta Threadgill-Powderill, Nate Conklin, Janetta Peltz, Tiffany Knowlton, Linda Bramel, George Pitts, Adelina Hills, Christa Wallis, Myesha Dunn, and Marie Bassil

Renewal Reminders!

Truevolution Casamayor, Catherine Hayes, AmyLynn Dimaano, Roberta Reid, Corrie Keener, Jodie Shea, Estefani Crisostomo, Bryanna Shirley, Ann Doan, Jennifer Teresa Taglieri, Tatiana Rabanne Caoagdan, Jennifer Henshaw, Hilary Braxton,  Jill Catlin, Nicole Garcia, Tricia Kaiser, Leann Gonzalez,  Julie Estrella, M. Magdalena Cantu-Romo, Diana Medina, Simone Roberts, Arlene Todd, Aileen Castellanos, Gazal Egari, Arleen Gutierrez, Kimberly Lloyd, Janice Browning, Michelle Gasper, Sandi Duffield, and Robyn Spotten

Our next MEETING:

Healing Simple and Complex Trauma Through Effective Short Term Therapy

Presented by Patrick Poor, M.S.
Friday, October 22, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

At our September meeting:

Introduction to BDSM for Therapists: Working Effectively with Kinky Clients

Presented by Ryan G. Witherspoon, Ph.D. and Ruthie Gloyd, M.A.
Friday, September 24, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

october President-elect’s Message

"All that's you is now.  There is no past".  
A client was trying to explain her inner experience to me, but I was just not getting it!  She was so patient as she explained that there was no past, just the present.  
My adult clients tell me about disturbing memories of past events when it is the current disturbance in current working memory that is troubling them. When past events remain disturbing as we remember them now it's because we did not have the information needed to make sense of the event when it was happening. Remembering a past disturbance is another opportunity to relive that event, except with a new and improved 2021 model brain, the latest model.
Every time we learn something new we are upgrading our brains. 2007 was a too-challenging year for me. I can remember the events of that year as a single collage, or tease them apart, remembering them one at a time with my now brain, a brain filled with new thoughts, ideas, schemas, to help me make sense of troubling memories from that awful year.
It's good to be able to make the past the present; and expose difficult memories to the scrutiny of one's new and improved brain. My brain is renewed, reconfigured and filled with new learning, facilitated by the monthly offerings at IE-CAMFT training/CEU opportunities.  
I love being part of IE-CAMFT. It means I'm part of a bigger picture, and that keeps me hopeful.
Paul Velen, MS, LMFT

Interview with our Sept. meeting presenters, Ryan G. Witherspoon, Ph.D. and Ruthie Gloyd, MA.

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