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Inland Empire Chapter of CAMFT

Coming  soon:

Exploring Otherness, Imposter Syndrome and Power, Through the Lens of DEI

Presented by Dr. Juan Gavidia, LMFT

Friday, June 28, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM


L & E: Seductions and Arrogance: Part 2

Presented by Ronald Mah, PhD, LMFT

Friday, May 31, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

May President’s Message

Dear IE-CAMFT Members,

I hope many of you were able to attend our L&E seminars in the last two months. If you missed them, don’t worry you can purchase them in our ‘on demand’ library. In case you didn’t know it’s also a great place to catch up on any missed presentations (as a member they are free or reduced rate).

As mentioned in my previous message, we are looking forward to connecting with you and introducing our newest board at our Welcome-a-Board event on June 28. Please RSVP to let us know you are coming so we can coordinate with our caterer. As an extra treat this year we will have a photographer present for taking your professional pictures (2 headshots) - they will only be there for a limited time, so make sure to come early and let’s spruce up your marketing….

Looking a little further into the future, you might have already seen our ads that we are looking for authors and program creators for our upcoming ‘Therapist Book Fair on September 28. If you are interested in showcasing your products, please complete the form

Those of us that don’t write, please join us and invite friends and family to come explore and possibly buy some great literature (maybe for the holidays already..). If you plan on coming, we would like you to RSVP HERE, so we can estimate the amount of snacks to provide.

Dr. Juan Gavidia will present for us virtually on 6/28 “Exploring Otherness, Imposter Syndrome and Power, Through the Lens of DEI." Hope to see many of you there. If you want to present for our chapter, please email us or complete the interest-form HERE so we can get in touch with you for one of our upcoming months.

Update from State CAMFT: The CAMFT Bylaws Committee is hard at work updating our bylaws, and we need YOUR input to shape the future!
Share your thoughts on key issues like pre-license voting rights, dual licensures and board leadership, agency membership, and more. Your voice matters, so take a moment to fill out this quick survey and make a difference!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, looking forward to hearing from you.

Ilse - President IE-CAMFT

Chapter News

Upcoming events

Medicare on the Horizon - What You Need to Know

Welcome New and Returning Members

Sarah Wood

Thank You for Renewing

Susan Lehrman, Rosemarie Wheeler, Agustin Tino Rodriguez, Hortencia Diaz, Delsa Wilson, Rebecca Williams, Catherine Caporale, Ann Alsaadi, Zelda Verrett, Sheralyn Shockey-Pope, Leslie Miles, Catherine Parra Haynes, Catherine Caporale, Norma Jasso, Paul Allen

Renewal Reminders

Adelina Hills, Alexa Gonzalez, Amanda Barnes, Amanda Arana, Antoinette Babers, Arlene Todd, Bruce Emmerson, Christopher Figueroa, Christine Denstadt, Carol Bouldin, Carol Adkisson, Cecile Girgis, Cesily Smith, Cynthia Brownlee, David Cabrera, Delseta Robinson, Deryl Taylor, Elizabeth Cortez, Ezekiel Moseley, Eseoghene Oniwor, Georgia Daniels, Gloria Simpson, Janice Browning, Julianna Blackstone, Karen Quinn, Kelly Cornish, Kimberly Medcraft, Kylie Kellas, Lauren Guzman Johnson, Leann Gonzalez, Lisa Axelrod, Lolita Domingue, Luisa Limon, Lynn Flewelling, Manpreet Rai, Marie Bassil. Mariela Zamarripa, Mary Stanley, Margaret Wild, Matthew Bernard, Michelle Gasper, Maximilliano Cabellos, Macie Manis, Marie Bassil, Melissa Kotzin, Mu-Lan Chau, Nicole Serrani, Nikki Myres, Pam Vance, Ranela Kaligithi, Robert Delpino, Ronena Summers, Ruthie Gloyd, Sarah Bergeson, Sheri Coulson, Siobhan Tolbert, Tabitha Thrash, Tandrea Tarver, Thema Poarch, Thomas Thomazin, Tobias Desjardins, Tiffany Knowlton, Tina Avila, Vicki Andrews, and Wanadalyn Lane

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