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Inland Empire Chapter of CAMFT

Our Mission:  We are professional visionaries dedicated to providing training, networking, and advocacy for Marriage and Family Therapists to promote healthy individual, couple, and family relationships.


Got Family Court Clients? Fear Not!

Presented by Pam S. Vance, MA and Family Court Mediator

Friday, Mar 24, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Suicide Prevention Among Our Youth

Presented by Kathleen Sarmiento, DSW, LMFT

Friday, Feb 24, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

March President’s Message

Greetings! With my 79th birthday a mere matter of days in the future, I offer some data points on the subject of aging, courtesy of Australia's Queensland Brain Institute.

As we age, our speed of cognition naturally declines. Not surprisingly, one study showed that a 20 year old is 75% faster than a 75 year-old at substituting symbols for numbers. Interestingly, language, vocabulary and verbal skills remain largely unchanged (though the time it takes to retrieve a particular word may decline). Memories formed many years ago remain quite stable, but forming new memories can be difficult (e.g. recalling a phone number when making a call). Working memory may be particularly affected; although the ability to focus on a single task is largely unchanged, there may be increased difficulty when multitasking or switching attention.

Looking at these changes a pattern emerges: Although our general knowledge (the ability to use skills and knowledge) are mostly unaffected, our ability to think on the fly and solve new problems suffers.

To my friends, family, fellow IE-CAMFT members and caregivers (both current and future): I thank you for your understanding that this care receiver may need a bit of extra time to be myself. Whether that means you may need to take a deep breath, slow it down or find your center, I thank you for your patience.

It has been an honor and pleasure to be your president this past year, and I look forward to being a part of IE-CAMFT's future as a volunteer on the IE-CAMFT board. You can be part of the board by attending a meeting which generally takes place after the monthly CE offerings (currently online). I'm looking forward to working with Ilse Aerts, MS, LMFT, LPCC, CCTP, the IE-CAMFT membership committee chairman on a project. Join me!

I look forward to participating in the CE opportunities offered by our chapter and taking advantage of the ON DEMAND presentations which can be found online, not to mention joining monthly board meetings.

I love being part of IE-CAMFT. It makes me feel that I'm part of a bigger picture, and that keeps me hopeful!

Paul Velen, MS, LMFT

Nothing done for another is wasted

Chapter News

Welcome New and Returning Members

Gina (Regina) Culver, Ranela Kaligithi, Raven Verrett, and Cesily Smith

Thank You for Renewing

Esther Arredondo, Imelda Mares, Jocelyne Stancic, Susan Lowe, Stanley LeMelle, Lisa Kirkland, Christopher Figueroa, Judy McGehee, Kimberly Gaines, Yoon Young Kim, Jennifer Henshaw, Marelis Marrero, Betty Odak, Lisa Axelrod, Teresa Arciero, and Elena Leyva

Renewal Reminders

John Warfield, Mary Ellen Garcia, Sarah Jane Martinez, Victoria Snow, Michael Rector, Carolyn Calderwood, Rosealinda Carrillo, Benedict Juliano, Deryl Taylor, Miroslava Villegas Reyes, Kristen Rawlings, Karri Backer, Dorothy Geiger, Zulema Velazquez, Emelly Rosspencer, Shinpei Chai, Lolita Domingue, Delsa Wilson, Vicki Andrews, Tina Avila, Geoffrey Mosher, Elizabeth G'Sell, Ronena Summers, Leticia Castillo, Terry Fowler, Nicole Serrano, Daniel Nyirady, Lisa McNeal, Delseta Robinson, and April Shorters

Suggestions for Using Zoom

  1. Download and install the Zoom application ahead of time.

  2. Log in at least 15-20 minutes early and sign in. That way you have time if a problem arises.

  3. Have only one browser window open during the conference call. We don't need to see your email, and you will have a better connection.

  4. Make sure you are in a quiet place, and if you can't be, or your dog starts barking or your child starts to cry, please mute yourself. In fact, everyone will be able to hear better if everyone but the presenter mutes themselves.

  5. Wear earbuds or headphones as that helps with unwanted feedback and makes everyone's experience better.

  6. If the quality of the video becomes a challenge, you can stop the video and continue with audio only.

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