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23 Aug 2019 9:00 AM • LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY │Department of Social Work & Social Ecology 1898 Business Center Dr., San Bernardino, CA. 92408
27 Sep 2019 9:00 AM • LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY │Department of Social Work & Social Ecology 1898 Business Center Dr., San Bernardino, CA. 92408

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At Our Last Meeting . . .


Mindful Choices for Well-Being

Dr. William C. Shearer

This presentation was for you if you want to live with more self-awareness and greater self-management skills. This presentation was for you if you want a fuller, richer, happier and healthier life where you consistently make conscious and values-driven choices.

The presenter views the essence of a great life as growing systematically in self-awareness and self-management, and asked, "Would you like to become mindfully aware, make great choices, and turn those great choices into powerful and positive habits?"

This presentation brought together tools and strategies from several disciplines and utilized cutting-edge research from the neuroscience of habit change. We learned and practiced healthy coping skills. We learned skills to improve our personal and professional relationships and to achieve long-term emotional growth. We were invited to imagine our ideal future selves.


We learned:

 the case for therapists practicing excellent self-care

 the meaning of emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and well-being

 what well-being for therapists looks like

• how to apply mindfulness skills in daily life and professionally

 how to cultivate strengths and new ways of being utilizing the Mindful Choices model

 how to maintain psychological flexibility, resilience, and well-being


Dr. William C Shearer, a licensed psychologist since 1977, is a university professor, therapist, and organizational consultant. More information about his services can be found at and


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