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Our Mission:  We are professional visionaries dedicated to providing training, networking, and advocacy for Marriage and Family Therapists to promote healthy individual, couple, and family relationships

Updated Federal Guidance on HIPAA and Telehealth!
click link for latest updates

During the COVID-19 emergency, covered health care providers subject to the HIPAA Rules may seek to communicate with patients, and provide telehealth services, through remote communications technologies.  Some of these technologies, and the manner in which they are used by HIPAA covered health care providers, may not fully comply with the requirements of the HIPAA Rules. 

Welcome New and Returning Members! 
Priscilla Jean Conkrite,  Kimberly Gaines, Algrie Monique Bridges, Ezekiel Moseley, Aaron McLeish, Daniel Nyirady, Suzanne Becker, Gerardo Haro, Christa Banton, Shelley Martin, and Patrick Mishler

Thank You for Renewing!
Vicki Andrews, April Shorters, Lisa Tobler, Kristen Rawlings, Delseta Robinson, David Newman, Abel Whittemore, Joseph Ralph Ortiz, Suzanne Snyder, Martha Wethey, Hortencia Diaz, Stanley LeMelle, Lanicee Causly, Terry Fowler, Lolita Domingue, Nicole Serrano, Frank Robinette, Summer Forlenza, Keisha Young,  Tina Avila, Ohara Sadek, Michelle Donaldson, Annette Compton, and Erica Solis

Renewal Reminders!
 Paulette Douglas,  Jeanne Joslin,  Janine Murray, Carol A. Bouldin, Devon Pytel, Yuliana Nemes, Danielle Larin, and Carolyn Howell

MAY Seminar:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: An Evidence Based Practice Which Tends to the Soul
Presented by Annabelle Parr, MA, MFT
May 28, 9am -

This presentation will outline the evolution of psychotherapy through the lens of three primary modalities: Depth Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). It will review the major theoretical principles of each approach and the theoretical differences between depth psychology and behaviorism. It will introduce participants to the framework of ACT, and will define the six core processes and the overarching goal of psychological flexibility. We hope to see you there!

Our March meeting was 

Working with Dogs in Practice: Clinical, Ethical, and Personal Considerations 
Presented by Hannah Herkert, MA

APRIL President’s Message

Hi, This is Carol Rose Adkisson your IE-CAMFT President. Hope all is going well! I am curious how your practices are shifting with the advent of the vaccines and more and more businesses opening. My business remains a hybrid. Do you have concerns about liability? Are your businesses covid compliant? There are so many questions to consider during this Global Pandemic. We hope you are all well!

I would like to announce that our elections for this year have been completed.
The elected board members are:

  • President – Carol Rose Adkisson
  • President Elect – Paul Velen
  • Financial Officer – Steve Gray
  • Secretary – Sherry Shockey-Pope
  • Membership Chair – Ilse Aerts
  • Program Chair – Lynn Flewelling
  • Members at Large – Garry Raley, Cecelia Fabris andOmar Gonzalez - Valentino

If you are interested in becoming a member of the board, these are the official duties of each position. We are happy to assist you if you have any questions.

We are in the process of restructuring our bylaws, and there will be more news to follow in the upcoming President’s Message.

Our Law and Ethics Training was a great success. Partnering with State CAMFT was a new endeavor. See details of the presentation HERE. It was very relevant subject matter and we thank CAMFT for this excellent training.

We are always looking for new members for our various committees and board positions. There are many advantages to being on a board. I always say that the New Tribe that you create can support you…we lean on each other.

Giving back to your community by volunteering on a board is a great benefit, the feeling of helping is something we as clinicians are all too familiar with.

The board runs very seamlessly. We email throughout the month and have our (virtual) board meetings on the same day as the monthly trainings, which eliminates logistical concerns, such as driving to a location and getting back home, before and after the meetings.

I believe I have been involved with the board approximately six years (don’t quote me on that). I have networked and hired people from the meetings, made great friends and learned information on so many topics as our trainings are on varied subject matter. And in case you didn’t know, all members are welcome to attend our board meetings. Just email if you would like the link for the meeting. We would love your input and feedback and introduce you to how the board works.

Our upcoming training is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: An Evidence Based Practice Which Tends to the Soul by Annabelle Parr,MA, MFT - more info check our website:

As we continue our virtual presentations, please remember to check the guidelines on our website.

Thank you for continuing to support IE-CAMFT and please share our trainings. We can’t do this without your support. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Carol Rose Adkisson
IE-Camft President

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Suggestions for Using Zoom

  1. Download and install the Zoom application ahead of time.
  2. Log in at least 15-20 minutes early and sign in. That way you have time if a problem arises.
  3. Have only one browser window open during the conference call. We don't need to see your email, and you will have a better connection.
  4. Make sure you are in a quiet place, and if you can't be, or your dog starts barking or your child starts to cry, please mute yourself. In fact, everyone will be able to hear better if everyone but the presenter mutes themselves.
  5. Wear earbuds or headphones as that helps with unwanted feedback and makes everyone's experience better.
  6. If the quality of the video becomes a challenge, you can stop the video and continue with audio only.
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