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 July 2019

  The Professional Exchange - IE-CAMFT Newsletter




Have a Happy Vacation or Staycation and we'll see you in August!


We are pleased to announce that chapter members now have an added feature:  IE-CAMFT Member cards!

Members may download her or his specific membership card from our website by logging in and clicking on the pdf link under the card, which is displayed on the member's profile.  Enjoy your new feature!

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NO Featured Event for July



Welcome New and Renewing Members!                       


At our Last Meeting           

President's Message

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Welcome New and Returning Members!


Catherine Parra Haynes, Dr. William Shearer, Patricia Sellers, Mariana Rodriguez, Breanna Cook

Thank you for renewing!

Julia Cho,  Cecilia Fabris, Linda Salladin, Tamson Overholtzer, Ramona Carver, Antonia Allison, AmyLynn Dimaano

Renewal Reminders: Miroslava Villegas-Reyes, Ann Alsaadi, Ryan Voth, Keyvan Geula, Verlynn Pruehs, Hortencia Diaz, Adina Silva, Tyra Butler, Karla Sully, Jay Burke, Tina Gonzalez, Shawn Dredla

It is YOU the members who keep our chapter going!  If your membership is up for renewal please complete the renewal process as soon as possible--your membership is the backbone of our organization and what allows us to keep offering great seminars and CEUs, the Therapist Directory, Membership Directory, and more.  Thank you! :)


At Our Last Meeting . . . 

Mindful Choices for Well-Being

Dr. William C. Shearer

This presentation was for you if you want to live with more self-awareness and greater self-management skills. This presentation was for you if you want a fuller, richer, happier and healthier life where you consistently make conscious and values-driven choices.

The presenter views the essence of a great life as growing systematically in self-awareness and self-management, and asked, "Would you like to become mindfully aware, make great choices, and turn those great choices into powerful and positive habits?"

This presentation brought together tools and strategies from several disciplines and utilized cutting-edge research from the neuroscience of habit change. We learned and practiced healthy coping skills. We learned skills to improve our personal and professional relationships and to achieve long-term emotional growth. We were invited to imagine our ideal future selves.


We learned:

 the case for therapists practicing excellent self-care

 the meaning of emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and well-being

 what well-being for therapists looks like

• how to apply mindfulness skills in daily life and professionally

 how to cultivate strengths and new ways of being utilizing the Mindful Choices model

 how to maintain psychological flexibility, resilience, and well-being


Dr. William C Shearer, a licensed psychologist since 1977, is a university professor, therapist, and organizational consultant. More information about his services can be found at and

President's Message: 

It is an interesting time of the year.  Summer.  A great time to take some timefor you and your family and friends to enjoy each other. You know thatthing we teach to our clients called self-care? Depending where you work, whetherprivate practice or any type of agency, whether you take insurance or areprivate pay, you may see fewer clients during this time.  After all, manyof them are on vacation too.  As with any business, there are busier timesthan others.  If you can, start to prepare for those times, as these timeswill likely happen.  Remember that as clinicians, managing our ownstressors comes first, so we can continue to help our various populations toheal.  Enjoy your summer.

Carol Rose Adkisson


Upcoming Events:

Music Therapy: A Binaural Frontier - August 23, 2019

Decoding Teens - September 27, 2019

EMDR: Healing Trauma and the Negative Cognitions that Drive Us - October 25, 2019

Annual Authors' Gathering - October 25, 2019


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