Our Therapist Tribe: Connecting & Cultivating Leaders

11 Oct 2016 8:49 AM | Carol A. Bouldin (Administrator)

Happy Halloween everyone!

In my neighborhood, the pumpkins, skeletons, and goblins are popping up; if it wasn’t 101 degrees outside I would think that Fall was coming. That’s the funny thing about living in Southern California-- we have such strange weather. But the heat does not make me really want to cook my fall soups or pumpkin bread. We are not alone in our strange weather, however; my East Coast friends have informed me that their normal fall leaves are not colorful this year as in other years. I guess we learn to adapt. A few weekends ago, I was in North Lake Tahoe with 9 other fantastic therapists working to make the world a better place. It was hot there too come to think of it; no Fall yet. These great therapists are all in different niches and working on various projects such as online classes, books, speaking engagements, teen groups, blogging, court process, and infant depression groups.

We were all there working on our own projects, sharing insight, help, and a positive push, whether helping to select photos for a website, watching videos on anger, and sometimes giving each other encouragement when we were in doubt.  We were all there cheering each other on and helping each other from the perspective of a potential client. We shared laughs, meals, walks in the woods, and by the shore. We shared stories, disappointments, successes, and dreams. Seth Godin in his book, “Tribes” states, “A tribe is any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader, and an idea.”  Further, he says “there is a leader living inside each of us. It is up to us to live up to the calling of leadership and to realize that we can lead the change we want to see in each of our corners of the world.”

I see this fantastic leadership in our IE-CAMFT organization and in the many therapists I know. I would encourage you to network with other therapists in our community. Share with them your successes and joys, struggles, and disappointments. As that is the way we learn by connecting to each other and our humanity.  I truly believe in the power of abundance and that we are greater when we work together.

In that spirit, I wanted to tell you of a wonderful therapist, Sharon Martin, LCSW. She helps other therapists with blogging. She is a regular contributor to Psych Central, the Good Men Project, About.com, Bustle and The Parenting Skills just to name a few. Sharon supervises many MFTI and she is a huge supporter of CAMFT Bay Area. Sharon is a down-to-earth person that can help build your confidence to write and have your voice stand out to new clients. She helps you become seen in your community. Her online class starts October 17th.  You can find more information at SocialWorkCoaching.com. This class will be worth your time.  Also in keeping with this theme, be sure to sign up for our upcoming November seminar on life coaching.


Here is hoping for cooler weather,


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