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January President's Message

10 Jan 2022 9:42 AM | Nancy Orr (Administrator)

A Happy New Year to all! My wish for you includes many moments free of threats to your sense of safety.

Wishing for you all a stockpile of long term memories of emotional safety that can be drawn into working memory, and turn off, if even for a moment, any need to be vigilant for threats to your well being. I think Stephen Porges, PhD would call that state a "ventral vagal brake". In that safer state, it is possible to resolve conundrums with surprising ingenuity.

Of course, to have such a stockpile you have to have safe experiences either real or imagined to draw from. Personally, the feeling that comes with learning something new, or having old understandings extended, adds to my good feeling stockpile. Also, sitting amongst other members of my tribe (in vivo or online) enhances that feeling of purpose with others I enjoy so much!

I love being part of IE-CAMFT. I'm glad to be part of a bigger picture. It keeps me hopeful.

Paul Velen, MS, LMFT

Nothing done for another is wasted.

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