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14 Feb 2014 11:34 AM | Carol A. Bouldin (Administrator)

Therapy Is Hard Work!

February 2014


Ever have one of those days? You know the kind, when at the end of it, you look back, and even though you were “busy” all day, it feels like just you didn’t get anything done! Whatever you did do, took two, even three times as long as you planned for. Perhaps you struggled through lingering paperwork, only to discover another stack you’d forgotten. Yuck.


Or you called that insurance company to follow up on that denied claim, and sure enough, after following all the prompts, your call was met with that infernal message, “This office is closed now. We are open Monday through Friday…”  Darn.


The clients you have been working with for months, nursing along baby steps of change, have a major setback, and you just feel so tired. Sigh.


Or you have a nice full schedule, then one person cancels, another no shows, another doesn’t have the insurance information figured out, so while there is always more paperwork to do in those empty spots, you’re frustrated with the sudden loss of income.


I get it. Those less than pleasant, maybe even unwelcome days that try your patience, and leave you feeling depleted, crabby and questioning why you are doing this after all?!


What do you do when you find yourself in one of those slumps? How do you care for yourself when your thoughts and mood head for the swamp? Are there some tools, techniques, activities, or thought patterns you have found useful and helpful to get yourself back on the rails?


I’d love to hear your methods of self-care and regeneration. Send your suggestions to me at I will compile them in next month’s President’s Message.


Doreen Van Leeuwen, LMFT

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