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14 Mar 2014 6:10 PM | Carol A. Bouldin (Administrator)


Therapy Is Hard Work! Part 2


Here is a compilation of recommendations that you submitted to me in response to my question, “What do you do for self-care when the going gets clinically or administratively rough?”  

This is what Teresa Alvarado does for self care: 

1)       I make sure I get a massage every month.  Not only does my friend take out all the kinks in my neck/body, but it’s also a time to catch up. I tell myself I’m totally worth it!   

2)       I do some exercise.  Now, I’m not a fanatic, but I do enjoy Zumba classes and walking my dogs.  Zumba is a great way to release all that stress, burn some calories and also have fun at the same time.  I love the outdoors, so what better way to enjoy the outdoors, then spending it with my hubby and my dogs.   

3)       I also love to read.  I’ll read something totally opposite of psychology (though I read this too, of course), ie romance, comedy, suspense.  I grab my lounge chair and sit where the sun can hit me.  Sometimes I’ll just sit there, close my eyes and enjoy the sounds and smells (a little of mindfulness).

Another colleague, Carol A. Bouldin, suggests:


            4)      Talk to a trusted friend.

            5)      Meditate.

            6)      Find some solitude.

            7)      Get in nature, even if it's just your back yard.

            8)      Do something physical (especially outside). Nature is a great healer.

            9)      Dance!  


Doreen’s contribution is:


10)       Attend functions with your fellow clinicians, such as the monthly IE-CAMFT meetings, or the upcoming 50th Anniversary CAMFT Conference,   May 1-4. It’s energizing, reassuring and rewarding to continue your            learning, while socializing with colleagues. Be sure to consult one of your    peers or the attorneys at CAMFT with questions or concerns about your     clients. Tucking a tidy note about that consultation into your notes adds to your credibility, and you can feel assured that you took the steps to    provide the best possible treatment.


            11)     Arrange for some ongoing consultation, mentoring, supervision or   even your own professional therapy if needed. This can be a fine way to       offload some of the weight on your shoulders, while “sharpening your          saw”, as Stephen Covey referred to it.


            12)      Get plenty of rest! I know I do better therapy after a nap =) !


Doreen Van Leeuwen, LMFT, Interim President


P.S. Be sure to VOTE in the CAMFT election this month. Ballots have been sent out. If you have not received yours, please call the CAMFT office at 888-892-2638888-892-2638.    

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