August President's Message

11 Aug 2015 3:46 PM | Carol A. Bouldin (Administrator)

I love summer time, longer days, new books to read, fresh fruits and swimming. I do hope your summer is in full swing and you are enjoying yourself. I know many therapists say their practices slow down for summer but for me that has not been the case at least this year. 

There is some good news from the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) first, the new online BreEZe system is up and running. This one website will allow consumers, licensees, and applicants to verify a professional license, file a consumer complaint, submit licensing applications, renew a license, change addresses, and should save us all time. You can take a look at this new site @ The second positive item to come from the BBS is they are issuing a newsletter once again; attempting to be more open about their activities and to keep us informed of new legislative changes.  The newsletter can be accessed @

We have a Facebook page! Thank you to Omar for setting it up. We invite you to like our page and check it periodically for new articles of interest and last minute updates.

Last month your board met to begin the planning for the next year. One of the ideas that came up was starting a 3000 Club to help support our pre-licensed members. A survey has been created to see if there is any interest in this type of programing. I would ask that all our pre-licensed member take this survey to provide input. I promise it is a very short survey only 7 questions. The link is Thank you in advance for your help.

We continue to need to fill a few positions on our board. We need help with the creation of a CEU committee. This would require a few meetings to help complete the CEU application for our chapter.  We also need a few board members-at-large to lend a hand for certain functions; we would like at least 3- 4 people. Yes, I know this does take a bit more time, but honestly it really is only a few hours a month.   Another need is hospitality where for only a couple of meetings you agree to bring one item to share with the group, plus help set up the table and clean up after—not a difficult job and one that does not take a great deal of time. 

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you and good luck to Doreen Van Leeuwen. Doreen, as many of you know, was Past, Past, President of our Inland Chapter and she graciously hosted our board retreat in July. Doreen will soon be leaving us as she heads up north to Santa Rosa to begin a new chapter in her life and be closer with her new grandbaby.  Doreen is a couples counseling expert and she has been passionate about building a practice that can earn a good living. She has agreed to continue to extend her help to our chapter by helping with the 3000 club when she is in town over the next year. Thank you Doreen for your generous heart and caring spirit.  Please take a moment at our next meeting to wish her well.

I wanted to remind each of you, that this Inland Empire Chapter is your chapter, please let me know if we are not meeting your needs or if you have any suggestions. I would love to hear from you. Contact me through the Member Directory.

Until next time



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