March President's Message

09 Mar 2016 4:43 PM | Carol A. Bouldin (Administrator)



Can you believe it’s almost Spring? Daylight savings time starts next week and we will again “spring forward.” Today as I sit in my office looking out the window the rain is gently hitting the window and sidewalk in front of my office. The trees and plants in the planting box below me look very happy with the drink that are receiving. In California, as many of you know our seasons do not change much and the rain is a welcome sight.  Our practices also have seasons and do change during the year. We have slow seasons, high seasons, just-about-right client loads season, tax season, planning seasons and somewhere during the year we should all be taking a vacation season. The ebbs and flows of our business can be quite satisfying but also at times quite harrowing.  I hope you are working at a diverse practice or if you’re an intern, developing skills in at least a couple of areas in order to have a multiple stream of clients and income. Its goes with that old saying “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.” Having that extra income when the clients finish their treatment or the referrals have slowed a bit will help cover your expenses in the long run.

This past month the 3000 club met again and a wonderful presentation was given by Robin Andersen, MFTI, owner and founder of “” Robin explained that as an intern she felt she should be paid for her work. I would agree. It always astonishes me that we the helping profession take advantage of other learning therapists by not valuing their work and thus not paying them. Robin and her company have changed some of that by creating this FREE service. Paid MFT Internships provides the following services:

  • A free job listing service for MFT registered interns
  • All job listings are paid opportunities
  • Most also provide free supervision for BBS hours
  • Serves Southern California and large portions of Central and Northern California (continues to expand)
  • Most job listings are for large companies, agencies, schools, hospitals, etc.; however, she also has job listings for private practices.

I would encourage you to check this out for paid opportunities or if you are wanting to expand your practice and have interns, which I think you should.  This is also a free listing for you.  I also want to remind you that the 3000 club meets the fourth Friday of the month @11:00-1:00 PM, 6840 Indiana Ave. Ste. 275, Riverside, CA 92506 (951)778-0230.

Last month was the yearly law and ethics seminar presented by Dave Jensen.  What a great day to see all you wonderful local clinicians and finally put a face and name together. This type of an event is exciting and I love hearing about all the fantastic healing that each one of you are doing in your own unique way.  I want to thank the board for putting this event on: specifically Annette Compton, Martha Wethey, Carol Bouldin, Garry Raley, Janetta Peltz, Heather Seguin, Jeanne Joslin, Janine Murray and Randall Walker (liaison from Loma Linda). Great job all.

Until next time,


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