November President's Message

09 Nov 2016 12:16 PM | Carol A. Bouldin (Administrator)

Goal-setting, Inspiration, and Thanksgiving


It was great fun to sit on my porch this year and hand out candy. My two young adult children no longer go out to Trick or Treat, but the excitement is still there for the smaller neighborhood children. They come to get their candy dressed as ghosts, goblins, princes, princesses and of course this year as superheroes. Laughing and giggling as they go house-to-house it is a precious sight, a rite of passage in our culture. I see Halloween as the start of our holiday season and it seems like the last 60+ days of the year will pass in a giant blur.

I am already detailing my new marketing plans and blogging calendar for 2017. My goals for the upcoming year include automating my social media posts, learning to use Pinterest this year for my business, even if it kills me, and believe me it just might. Lastly, I will be focusing on three major streams of income for my business.  I recently attended an Intuit Connect Conference, which I highly recommend, where Michael Phelps spoke about commitment and goal setting. He takes an index card and writes his goals on the card. He posts the card in his closet where he sees it each and every day. He will even take the card to the pool if he needs a bit more inspiration. For me, it’s hard to imagine that the greatest winning Olympic Medalist needs more inspiration. However, he is human and sets the bar very high. Michael also said that he was grateful for the opportunities he had to complete the hard work. I believe that therapists also are inspirational and we set the bar high for ourselves and our work. I am always amazed at what each of you are doing to end the pain in our communities. November is a time of gratitude and reflection but also a time to look forward.  I am grateful for wonderful professional colleagues like you, the ability to do the work that we do, and the life lessons I have learned along the way.

May your Thanksgiving be one of treasurable time with family and friends and may your table be filled with laughter and love. 

Happy Thanksgiving,



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