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Inland Empire Chapter of CAMFT


Chapter Newsletter
February 2023

Dear Members,

IE-CAMFT needs your assistance to help recruit new chapter members in our region!

As the IE-CAMFT membership chair, I periodically receive a list of new CAMFT members in our region from State CAMFT. I need your assistance to reach out to these individuals in a Special Project. Unfortunately, there are too many professionals in our region that are missing out on the great benefits of chapter membership like our monthly CE presentations, professional networking, discounted ad-space, and social events. You can be the difference our chapter needs!

If you agree to this Special Project, you will receive a list of potential new members for that month and be expected to:

  • Connect with potential recruits via phone, email, video teleconference, or in-person meetings
  • Gauge the interest levels of potential recruits in joining our chapter
  • Advertise the benefits of chapter membership
  • Direct potential recruits to the IE-CAMFT website

This Special Project might be right for you if:

  • You are social and enjoy interacting with new people
  • You would like to increase your professional network
  • You want to see our chapter membership grow
  • You would like to serve the IE-CAMFT board, but do not have the time or energy for a full-term board position
  • You are interested in serving in a full-term board position in the future, but want to learn more before fully committing

Special Projects for the IE-CAMFT Board of Directors operate on a 30-day assignment rotation. If you agree to participate, you will be responsible to help IE-CAMFT for a period of 30 days (or more if you choose). IE-CAMFT will waive the membership fee for individuals who participate in any form of Special Projects for an aggregate period of 120 days (6 months) or more in a given calendar year.

If you want to be assigned to this or any other Special Project, please contact us via email at using the subject line “[Your Name] Seeking IE-CAMFT Special Project Assignment”

Ilse - Membership Chair IE-CAMFT

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Featured Event

Suicide Prevention Among Our Youth

Presented by Kathleen Sarmiento, DSW, LMFT

Friday, Feb 24, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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President's Message

We all have a personal story. And, at times we may be asked, directly or indirectly, to share a little of that story. It's amusing to watch old friends, relatives or spouses glaze over as one launches into a saga they've heard dozens of times before, even with slight variations. Even those diagnosed with dementia will share their story given the opportunity.

I am many things in my story; a loving and supportive spouse, a helpful therapist, and most recently, part of a professional organization, Inland Empire chapter of the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists ( IE-CAMFT). Within each of those roles exists an opportunity to show my true self to people I meet, and maybe even more importantly, to see myself in the eyes of others. At times I have discovered that being a partner, caregiver, or member of IE-CAMFT, is a challenge to the truth of my story. For example: I like to think of myself as having a higher level of purpose, so when I'm seen as such a person it is a good day for me.

Massachusetts General Hospital's magazine, Mind, Mood & Memory (February '23 issue), describes a higher level of purpose as being comorbid with healthy cognition, better mental health, and increased quality of life. For me, being part of IE-CAMFT supports the part of my story where I am a man of higher purpose; and being part of IE-CAMFT's board has at times reminded me of that goal.

My fondest wish is for my story to be more truth than fiction. As a human being I need my personal story to be validated by myself and others; if I were no longer able to find truth in my own story my disturbance would be very great indeed.

Would you like to share your story with IE-CAMFT? You can do so by participating in the CEU opportunities offered by our chapter; by taking in the ON DEMAND presentations; joining monthly board meetings, or by putting your name up for nomination to the board of directors.

I love being part of IE-CAMFT. It makes me feel that I'm part of a bigger picture, and that keeps me hopeful!

Paul Velen, MS, LMFT

Nothing done for another is wasted

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Welcome New and Returning Members

Zeretha Brickhouse, Adelina Hills, Nana Bamfo, Ayo Amadu, Marco Ramirez, Leah Ferreira, Brittany Reedus, and Arlene Todd

Thank You for Renewing

Brittany Leary, Shavona Parker, Summer Forlenza, Julia Cho, Gabriele Roberts, Julianna Blackstone, Janell Mercer (Gagnon), Kami Elliott, Donna Horne, Wendy Durkee, Teresa Rimmer, Susan Seidman, Sidya Espinoza, and Pam Vance

Renewal Reminders

John Warfield, Mary Ellen Garcia, Sarah Jane Martinez, Christopher Figueroa, Victoria Snow, Michael Rector, Carolyn Calderwood, Rosealinda Carrillo, Benedict Juliano, Susan Lowe, Deryl Taylor, Miroslava Villegas Reyes, Kristen Rawlings, Karri Backer, Lisa Kirkland, Dorothy Geiger, Zulema Velazquez, Emelly Rosspencer, Shinpei Chai, Lisa Axelrod, Judy McGehee, Lolita Domingue, Jocelyne Stancic, Delsa Wilson, Jennifer Henshaw, and Stanley LeMelle

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At Our Last Meeting

Psychotherapy and Therapeutics Ethics in the Movies

Presented by Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

Friday, Jan. 27, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Upcoming Events

Suicide Prevention Among Our Youth

Presented by Kathleen Sarmiento, DSW, LMFT

Friday, Feb 24, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Law and Ethics Private Practice: Solicitation of Testimonials/Yelp/Advertising/Professional Wills

Presented by CAMFT

Friday, June 16, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
SAVE THE DATE! Registration will open soon.

Law and Ethics Social Media/Advertising/Confidentiality/Ethics

Presented by CAMFT

Thursday, July 20, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
SAVE THE DATE! Registration will open soon.

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